• I never thought I'd see my life flash by me. Right when I thought time would stop I saw the rainbow tunnal to heaven. But somthing odd happened before the tunnal ended. It felt like someone had grabbed me by the sweatshirt I was wearing and pulled me back to the soft wet mud where I had died. I layed in a pool of blood. My Blood. Earlier I had been stabbed in the chest by some guy. I had just layed there after it happened and let the blood leave my body. It was painfull and scary but something inside of me told me it was my time. But why am I still living after losing all the blood inside of me? Who or what grabbed me? Maybe it was an angel.
    Just laying there in the darkness was creepy.Something stopped me from dying but wasn't there to tell me why. I guess that if it wanted me to know why it would tell me itself. So I guess I will never know. Right when I thought my luck would get better it started to rain. I sat up looking around
    at the dark forest. Tall tree's that had leafy branches so thick. Suddenly I heard a growl. I looked behind me at a snarling wolf. Its fur was
    a mix of grays, browns and black. Its eye's were a dull blue. I didn't move. It stopped growling and sniffed at my cloths. It got a good smell of my hair and it backed off. I started to stand up and the wolf grabbed ahold of my leg. Everytime I moved the tiniest bit its jaws held on even tighter. I finally gave up. I sat there in pain. The wolf let go. He sat just yards away from me
    watching me. It started raining harder. I dragged myself into a cave and stayed there. The wolf followed. I layed on the cave floor on my back. The wolf sat beside me. I asked myself if my luck would get better. I don't think it will. I soon fell asleep. I was awakened by the wolf licking the wound. I sat up slowly. There was three other wolves in the cave with me. Two were playfully fighting. I laughed. They looked at me. The one that was licking me stopped and opened its mouth. He looked like he was smiling at me. Creepy. I stood up and brushed off the dirt and leaves. I wanted to reach down and pet the wolf but I didn't know if he would bite me again. I followed the wolves outside of the cave. It was a sunny morning. The sky was a blanket of blue. No
    clouds. I followed the wolves to a road. They left me there alone. I watched for cars. It wasn't a long time when one finally came around the corve.
    I waved and it stopped. The woman gave me a ride into the city. New York City. She dropped me off infront of the police department. I told the police
    what happened and they asked many questions. "So some guy kidnapped you, you got away and ran into the forest and he came after you and stabbed you. You died. But you came back. Some wolf bit you and and let you go.You stayed the night in a cave and you woke up with that wolf licking the wound.You followed the four wolves to the road and they left you there." Repeated an officier. "It all happened." I sighed. "Did you hit your head?" Joked another officier. "Whatever." I snapped.
    I went back to my apartment and got an shower. A nice hot shower. I fixed myself a large plate of pancakes and went to work. I worked at a Holiday Inn. My first shift was eight hours. At three in the afternoon I went to an Burger King. My next shift was eight more hours. I walked home. It was getting late. I had very little sleep. As I turned the next corner I was confronted by six teenage boys. I didn't have to ask what they wanted, I could see it on their faces. "Hey honey." One joked laying his hand on my arm. "Don't touch me." I snapped. "You don't have to be mean." He laughed pinning me to the brick wall. "I said don't touch me!" I yelled pushing him away. I tried to run but another one of the boys grabbed me. "If the girl said don't touch her, you don't. So just leave the girl alone." Snapped a tall biker looking guy. He hada german accent. "What are you going to do about it. Why don't you go home to your wife and buzz off!" Hissed the boy. That german guy was watching me. While the boy that had ahold of me wasn't watching me, I punched him in the face and ran towards the german guy. Suddenly five more teenage boys walked up behind us. "Take her into the bar." Ordered the german guy. One of the five boys took ahold of my arm and walked me inside the bar and up a set of stairs. There was an woman sitting on a barstool. She looked to be
    in her high twentys, she had short blond hair and she was skinny as a needle. When she saw me she came running. "Come child. Take a seat and I'll explain everything." She sang gently. The boy sat yards away. "What?" I yelped. "I have a better idea. Jake, explain all of this to her while I get Gabriel." She sighed running off. "Well the other night me and three of my friends were out
    running around in our fur. Well we saw you running from that guy. We watched him stab you. We didn't know what to do. You died but came back.
    Well I bit you. It was only way to save you I mean. The next morning I made sure you got out of those woods. And you did." He explained. "Back up a sec'. In your fur?" I asked. "We're...um...Loup-Garou. A person that can turn into a
    wolf at his or her will or if we smell blood." He answered. "Ok." sighed. "Here's a blanket dear." The woman said handing me a thick blanket. "Thank you." I said. She smiled. "Your one of us now. I'm Esme. Thats Jake. The rest will be back in here when they get done taking out the trash." She said. "That sounded like fun. I could be helping." Jake laughed. I sat on a couch trying to
    understand what I was now. "You see, we don't tell humans what we are. We can't let them know. Or they will hunt us down and kill us." Esme said."You were human but now your not." Joked Jake. "We can be kill with silver. Or if we were stabbed close to our spine." Esme added. "We had fun taking out the trash." Laughed a tall guy. Him and three more boys came into the room. "Hey, don't make me feel bad about being inside when I could have been outside kicking tail." Jake laughed. "You should of been outside. Hahaha." Teased one of them. "Thats my little brother Josh, the tall freak is Ray, the shorty in the back is Tom and the other loser is Cory." Jake explained. "I'm Katlyn." I finally said. "Have you told her about the humans that did find out about us?" Asked Ray. "No. We kill them. We turn them into our meal." Jake said. "They die a painful death but to us their very tasty." Josh laughed. "Where's Gabriel?" Asked Esme. "He's chewing out some drunk biker down stairs." Cory replied. "Katlyn, I don't know about you but I'm starving. You like pizza?" Jake asked. "I like pizza." I relpied smiling. I soon relised that I'll never have a normal life again. But I'm just thankful to be alive. This is the start of my new life.