• The boy and the girl stood at the door deciding if they wanted to go in or not. The voices encouraged them.
    There is nothing to be afraid of. Said the voice from the room. It sounded like a mother, her voice kind and soft. It washed any fear they had away. The girl picked up here flashlight and shined it through the door. Stairs started down right at the doorway. They were made of old wood that looked as if it would break if a feather fell on it.
    "Um. Maybe we shouldn't." The girl said wearily. She wanted see what was down there, but falling through the stairs was not how she wanted get down.
    You'll be fine.
    "I'll go first." the boy said cutting her off.
    "Fine, but be careful."
    "Don't worry. They probably look worst than they are." He stepped on to the first wood plank. It wobbled and creaked in protest, but didn't break.
    The boy let out the breath that he was holding in. "See, nothing to worry about. Come on." The boy held out his hand. The girl took it and took a step. The stair wobbled dangerously then stilled. She let out a breath.
    "See not that hard," the boy said with an encouraging smile encouragingly. He took another stepped and the girl followed.
    They made their way slowly down the stairs hitting dirt when they got to the bottom. They looked around what seemed to be an old cellar. There were wooden shelves nailed to the wall that had old jars on them covered in grim and dust. Others jars were littered on the floor along with pieces of the less sturdy shelves.
    They walked around shining their flashlights on the jars. It didn't seem very interesting, just an old cellar.
    I want you to see something. The mother voice said. It's under the stairs.
    The girl walked over to the stairs. "What do you want me to see?"
    Look. She said happily. Every voice was buzzing now. They all seemed excited.
    She looked under the steps and saw a small wooden box. Picking it up gingerly she blew the dust off it. "Is this it?" she asked examining the box. The boy walked over and looked at it too.
    That's it. Now open it.
    "Alright." she said sliding the top off the box wondering what was inside, but there was nothing in it.