• The long walk down the stone corridor was too much for Lila's wig like legs, Mrs.Varson, the owener of Gringles Orphanage was leading her to a small white door at the end of the hallway. Lila had seen other kids go in through the door, but afterwords Lila never saw them at the breakfast table again... mabie sombody finally adopted them from this hell hole, but as she knew there was only two exits two this place, the fron doors that were always locked, and the small whole in the wall of her room in wich only bugs could pass through.

    As Lila and Mrs.Varson drew closer to the small door, the more ajitated Lila got.. what happened to those kids Lila didnt have a clue, but all she did know was that all of the kids, including her, had brokin a rule and had a good long talk in Mrs.Varson's office before they took the long walk down the bumpy stone hallway.

    Finaly the duo reached the door, Mrs. Varson reached into the pocket of her long black trench coat and retreved a single key, a key that just by looking at told you storys, of death, of horror, and last of all, the past. Mrs. Varson pushed the key into the old door's lock turned it and a click annouced the arrival of new blood.