• The Trixter
    There was once a traveler who made a living through Demon Hunting until he met his long-lost brother....

    Chapter 1-The Journey Begins

    “Tom!” “Tom!!Get here on the double!”Shouted the Trickster.
    “Woof! Woof!”came Tom the dog.
    “Tom we must leave quick for this town is no good to us anymore!”
    “Woof! Woof!”barked Tom in agreement. So they set off to the city of Strohane.
    Tom looked at his master about 5"4 in height with dark black hair that would be half hidden under his
    Mexican hat. He had emerald eyes and his voice sounded like a river;it was so calming he made a living through Demon hunting.
    He often wore a Dark Green jacket and black straight jeans. And he always had a sword on his back.
    Tom was a brown dachshund who would follow his master where ever he went Ton could also turn into a blood wolf when needed during demon hunting.
    No one knew Tixter's name except himself for that matter.
    “Tom,the journey is going to be a long one,we will have to take about 3-4 days before we reach Strohane.”said the Trixter.
    “Woof?!”barked Tom in surprise;he probably thought that the journey would take a couple of hours or so.
    They walked for several hours then stopped for it was late.
    Chapter 2-The Intruder
    “Come on Tom,Let's go get some firewood.”
    “Woof!Woof!”barked Tom in alarm.
    “What's wrong?”
    “Woof!Woof!”barked Tom indicating to a bush next to them.
    “Show yourself Whoever you are!”shouted the Trixter.
    Then a hazy figure came out of the darkness;it was a bard.
    “Good day to you sir!Or should I say night?”said the strange man
    “What do want?”said the Trixter reaching for his sword.
    “Now now,I didn't mean to frighten you!”
    “Then tell me what you want.”said the Trixter easing up a bit.
    The man they were talking to was about the same height as him with short blond hair that was shown even under his velvet hat. He also wore a violet vest with a white in-shirt and carried a harp.
    “Well,I am a bard you know,so wanna hear one of my performances?”
    “Humph!We don't have anything else to do now do we?So let's hear it!”
    “Very well than sir!”said the bard and he began.
    The Trixter was shocked when he heard the beautiful songs that were played by the bard. It was such a
    melodious tune it could lull anybody into a deep sleep.
    After the song, the bard said:
    “That was...”his voice trailed off.
    “Feel free to tip!”
    “Huh?Oh,Yeah right”he said and looked through his pocket and gave him 6 guineas.

    Chapter 3-Old Friends Meet
    The Trixter was woken up by the sound of the chirping of birds at the break of dawn.
    “Eeeeargh!”yawned the Trixter as he woke up.
    He woke Tom up as well and they started off again to Strohane. After walking a short distance the Trixter swung his arms and caught and arrow before it could reach him. There was a letter pinned on it:

    Dear Traveler,

    You are trespassing into our territory, turn back at once or we will have to use force.

    The Dark Hand

    “Well so much for that!They nearly killed me!”
    Suddenly a man started charging towards them in a flash the Trixter pulled out his sword and parried the blow.
    “Long time no see Nero”
    The man broke the parry and both of them looked hard at each other.
    “So what brings you here Dante?”asked Nero(the Trixter)
    “You know hunting demons as usual”he shrugged
    “So where ya heading?”asked Dante
    “For Strohane,cause business isn't going to well lately.”
    “What a coincidence!I'm headin' there too!”Exclaimed Dante
    “You never change do you brother?”
    “Nope,but this time I have a reason:the E1Demon is there.”
    before we continue here is the table for demons




    The strongest are of the E class and E1 is the strongest demon
    Chapter 4 -Rumble with Demons
    “So Dante, how do we get there without trespassing into the dark hand's territory?”asked Nero
    “Oh, you mean that group of elite archers?”
    “Yeah.”Dante was the exact same height as Nero and he wore a bright red jacket on top of a black in-shirt with dark black jeans as per a demon slayer and he also wore a huge sword on his back which made them look like twins(because they are twins).
    “Well I say we fight them!”said Dante
    “Are you mad????”exclaimed Nero
    “There the strongest around they never miss their target!”
    “That is an even better reason to fight them!”said Dante
    “*sigh* You never change at all.”sighed Nero
    “Come on!It'll be fun!”said Dante
    “Okay but we need a plan of action,they know we're here.”
    “Hmmm... Lets just barge in and kill everyone we see!”
    *Nero falls over*
    “Are you kidding me!?We can't do that we're out numbered!”
    “So?”Dante shrugs.