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    L: Light, What are you doing in there! You've been in the bathroom for over an hour, and I have to peee!

    Light: Hold on, I'm just writing names in my Death Note, just give me a sec...

    L: WHAT!?!

    Light: Uhh, Umm, Oh s**t!


    (Light is sitting in a clasroom, staring out the window listlessly as a notebook falls down. When the class is let out Light hurries and picks it up and takes it home, because its OBVIOUSLY the right thing to do to bring home random trash you find lying around the school yard)

    Light: Hmm, what IS this? (scratches head) Aww, it's written in english. Oh well. (opens it up) So how do you do this (reads front pages) Damn it! The only words I can make out are "write name and here" Okay (Light signs his name in the note book) Well that was a waste of time (chucks notebook in to trash can)

    (40 seconds later)

    Light: (clutches chest dramatically and starts having very serious convulsions on his floor) OH crap Im dying(dies)

    Ryuk: (poofs out of nowhere)Youve seem to taken a liking to-(looks down at Light) Wow. Humans are a riot!


    (Light and L are talking)

    Misa: Light! Light! Guess what! Guess What!

    Light: Hold ON Misa, I'm in the middle of a conversation.

    Misa: *Gasps* LIGHT! I've been waiting here for a whole freakin' hour for you to say some thing to me!

    Light: Didn't you just get here?

    Misa: Well, ANYWAY (glares at Light), Misa got you a new outfit, for our date on Friday!

    Light: (peeks in bag )What are you trying to do to me, Misa, you know I can only wear Abercrombie and Fitch!

    L: *cough* f** *cough*

    Misa: You don't like it? I was sure you would like it. It's so your style and -

    Light: Look Misa Just get it out of here! (kicks the bag)

    Misa: Oh so you are going to ignore half the time I'm around and when you do pay attention to me youre gonna be mean to me?

    Light: Well, nobody invites you! Youre ALWAYS barging in through my door! I mean what if I was NAKED for pete's sake!

    Misa: Whose this 'Pete' person? Somebody I should know about?!

    Light: GO AWAY!

    Misa: FINE! ( Misa stomps away as Light follows her and bumps in to a table that has a big chocolate cake with strawberries on it)

    L: I. Was. Going. To. Eat. That. Cake. (Turns slowly towards Light)

    Light: Don't look at me! It's Misa fault!

    L: (Is speechless because he is giving Light the beat down, but is interrupted by the sound of the window shattering. A small leather notebook appears on the floor)

    Misa: (through broken window) Hey KIRA! You left your DEATH NOTE in my car you jerk! (skips away singing Misa wins, Misa wins)

    Light: Uhhh, A death note! Whatever could that be ?

    L: You are not very good at bluffing, Light-kun. You are jthe classic example of an affluent child who hates to lose.

    Light: *thinking* Damn! (Light thens throw himself against wall and lets out a very creepy yet hilarious cackle) Bwa ha ha ha Youre right- I AM KIRA. (throws a tempure tantrum)

    L: Uhh, arent you a little old for tantrums? I mean seriously -

    Light: (carries on with the tantrum) I R GOD! Me is SHINI- GAMI! Bow down to KIRA! Bwa ha ha ha

    (L backs away slowly as 2 men from the insane asylum come and give Light a giant shot and take him to the funny farm where he belongs)

    L: (turns on laptop and holds down a special button used to page Watari) Watari?

    Watari: Yes Ryuzaki?

    L: Can you bring in some cake?

    Watari: Yes I'm on my way.

    L: Sweet!


    (Light walks into his room after a long day of work. He is really anxious because Misa was supposed to make a list of names. He notices the lights are off and flips them on. He finds misa laying in a seductive pose on the bed twiriling her hair, dressed up in a leather vest that barely covered her boobes and a leather thong)

    Misa: Hey Light! I missed you today! I waited for y-

    Light: (interrupts, obviously ignoring Misa) Misa, did you get the list...or not?

    Misa: (giggles) Oh Light, work is sooo boring. How about Light and Misa have some "fun" (pats the bed)

    Light: *growls* Misa, you idiot! Work is more important then your stupid sexual needs! Don't you understand that I am becoming GOD OF THE NEW WORLD! GOD cant waste his time on pleasure.

    Misa: Does this mean your not coming to bed tonight?