• Alone he has walked all those years, hoping to find her. Why does this always happen to him? He was betrayed by his best friend, his life taken away from him when he was still in his mother's womb! And now...he was without love again. With her gone from his grasp, he saw no purpose in life anymore.

    "Blame your father for that. Had he had left you and your mother alone, you would be in this predicament!" a demonic voice chuckled. Tyra scoffed, his beautiful orchid eyes staring coldly at the great demon-dog spirit that sat in front of him. *Cerberus was obviously taking pleasure in watching his host suffer. Tyra made his travel back to Hades come to a complete halt and Cerberus despised him because of said event. "Even when you were just a helpless babe when I came within your body, you were still beautiful! Pity you aren't female, otherwise I wouldn't be here torturing you."

    "Look Cerberus, just because I have a feminine body doesn't mean that I like showing it!"

    "Then why is your torso bare? Is it because you hope to...encourage Tomoe when you see her again? That is, if you do."

    Tyra blushed, realizing that the demon was right. His shirt was ripped to little bits of pieces of ribbons from his last fight with Kain. He couldn't find another one afterwords, unfortunately showing his femininity to the world. He crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes irritably. At least he still had the cross belts that rested on his hipbones and the grey flare jeans to cover his legs. But his mind wandered back to Tomoe. He missed her smile, her arms around his chest to comfort him. Her voice. Her voice always made him feel like he belonged somewhere, and the bell-like laughter that escaped her lips brought a smile to his face every time without fail.

    To think! he thought to himself as he smiled, I used to loathe her but as I knew her more and more, come to find out...I love her. But the thing that will forever keep me going is that she loves me back. He looked up the the sky that was covered with a dark grey blanket, the sky threatening to shake the floating cotton balls and send large water droplets crashing back down to the earth from whence they came.

    "Come on Cerberus, lets go find a place to stay. We know that he hate getting wet." Tyra began his journey again, knowing that Kain would be out looking for him with the other Executioners. He knew that he was never guaranteed another tomorrow, that he might never find Tomoe but he still searched for her. Because he never wanted the both of them alone again. They would laugh and dance and dine together and they would die and sing with the angels together. All, because he loved her.