• Soul Knight
    Year: 2344 B.C.
    My age: 16
    My name: Kai
    Chapter 1: My Destiny
    As i was walking home from the ranch, i had a gut-feeling that something was wrong. Once i was inside the gate of the town, the skies seem to darken, and half of the village was burning. I rushed my way to my house.I quickly rushed in.My uncle was on the floor. He was saying that i had to live on my own now. As i lied there before him i knew that he would soon pass. He was bleeding and i thought he was in pain though he did not show it. "Take my sword, and go see the King of Ladridor." And then those were his last words..."Uncle Lee!, Please!"I yelled.

    So not knowing what to do i went to his chest and grabbed his sword. All though i dont know if there are any survivors i thought i'd search.Corpses of all old friends and family are lieing about the place, and just as i turned my head something was coming at me from my side then it had vanished when i saw it. It looked red and it was fast i didn't get to see the creature but i knew by the red eyes and the figure, that the evil demon evil is what caused all of this. There were more, there were alot of them coming atop the houses and through the windows they started for me so i ran and ran as fast as i could to the only place i thought would be safe. Ella is a friend of mine that lives a bit outside of the village.As i reached her house i banged on the doors as loud as i could.

    No answer. So i just walked in this time and there she was.She had blood on her shirt.She was scared and her face showed too much fright.She was standing at the other side of her room and beside her was her moms corpse.She starting crying and ran towards me.But then she and i both heard the demon type creatures running towards her mother's house.We didnt know what to do and then she suggested we both go down into the basement.Her basement was hidden under a rug in her house.We went down there and waited. We waited for the demons that slaughtered my friends and family...

    BOOM! That sound meant they were inside the house."This Way."I heard her whisper to me.So i followed her to what looked like a storage room.She led me into a cave looking area."I..I'm..scared.." she said.i told her we were going to be ok, but i i couldn't guarantee that."There!" she said, she was running towards the end of the long long tunnel.As we got there I had believed it was a garden,"This is where my mom used to always take me when I was upset about something or if there was ever any spare time, we'd talk and play here."She was telling me.

    "I'm sorry you know...about your mom.i..lost........my uncle."i told her, but her response was "We need to keep moving so.."those things" dont catch up to us."We decided on following my uncles words and to go to the Kingdom of Ladridor.We walked and walked.We reached the gate.It was open, its not supposed to be open.We walked towards the kingdom itself.We had finally reached the town, and everything seemed a little bit more normal.

    We walked to the palace.The king was inside and since the guards knew us we were allowed in."My lord, what has happened?!?"I asked.
    "We dont know yet, but we have recieved a message from your uncle, he believes your old enough now." "Wha..what do you mean?" "Before your uncle died he knew this would happen he also knew he would die trying to defend his home,You are the one whose chosen to rid the evil from these lands...You are the Soul Knight." He was telling me about the Prophet. The Prophet is the God of good.

    "But what does that have to do with me?" "You are one of the Prophet's chosen warriors, me and your uncle were close, Lee knew you were going to be one of them. He knew so by your behavior.
    As a child you were always doing whats best for other people.Your journey has just started."He said. I was talking with him for a long time and i figured out that i am a chosen warrior by the prophet."But i've never used a sword before." i proclaimed. "Don't worry the prophet has given you abilities that you have not yet discovered i will say no more about them." He said i should reach the Kingdom of Melasia, while he tries to defend his Kingdom.He had given me and ella each a horse and a pack containing food and water.Ella seemed to know where The Kingdom of Melasia was so i followed her.

    On our way Ella and I could not stop talking to each other.During our conversation we heard an abrupt roar.It seemed familiar to a vampire scream only louder."LOOK!" I looked to see where she was pointing.I regreted it.There were the demons they were running faster than our horses could ever run.They were running towards us and getting closer."RUN!" I yelled.They were catching up to us.The leader was fairly bigger than the rest which is pretty big.The average size of one of those demons was the size of four horses.They had long teeth, and there claws were big they had horns on their head, and some of them were red some were black. I knew i had no chance against just one of those things.Much less a whole pack.They were getting closer and closer by the second.I thought in a couple of minutes i would be dead.

    But the leader stopped and so did his pack.Whoosh* Speeding arrows rushing by us hitting the demons."Look!, Melasian Guards!" Ella yelled.My heart was beating three times the normal rate.But i was happy.We were finally here."Hello! You must be Kai?""We are here to lead you to the King."They were saying, "Thanks for saving us!" Ella said."Our pleasure".They led us through the gate and into the Kingdom.We were headed towards the palace, when they said they would have to let us finish the trip.

    They were expecting us.Oddly."The King is this way." One of the guards said as he was leading the way to the throne."Hello, Your Kai right?" "Yes, and this is my friend Ella." "Nice to meet you both.I am king Edmond" I asked him what it was i was expecteed to do."I'm supposed to do what!!" He said i must defeat an Evil Overlord.He said that there were three of the "Prophet's Hero's". I was one of them.There were two others, and one of which lived in this Kingdom.His name was Koul.I asked if anyone could show me where he lived.They said they would show me in the morning because i needed rest and a good meal.

    After everyone ate, a guard was leading me and Ella to our room.It looked like where someone special would sleep.There was only one bed."If you need anything come and see me across the hall, my name is Rey." he said.We said goodnight and then we had the room to ourselves.We got into bed and then we started talking."So what do you think about being a hero?"she asked. I quickly told her that i didnt want to be one but i knew it was my responsibilty. "Kai.." "yes?" Don't you think..**RUMBLE** "What was that?" "I dont know lets go see."

    We hurried outside of the palace and then we rushed to the king he was over by the towns gate."FIRE!!" I heard someone yell. "Kai, Ella, there you guys are." King Edmond said. we told him about the noise, and we asked him whats happening."We are being ambushed by the demons!, but our scouts spotted the pack before they could attack.". The whole village was up, and watching from the Kingdom's Walls.The front area of the wall was nothing but archers, and their captain; who repeatedly is yelling "FIRE!!".

    I saw the large catapults launching huge boulders at the demons.All of the archer put oil on the tips of their arrows and light them before they shoot them."Koul, we need your help!" the captain yelled at a young man about my age.King Edmond had quickly tried to get me and Koul to meet. "Hello, you must be the other Prophet's Hero, nice to meet you, but i need to help out on the deck." "ok" I told him. I saw Warriors getting ready for melee battle."King Edmond, Are they about to fight off the demons with melee combat?"I asked. He nodded his head.

    "Sir, I have never fought with a sword before but i am willing to risk my life for the sake of this kingdom.So i ask may i join them in battle?" King Edmond Said i would need to get appropiate armour to do so."No Kai, please dont!" cry I heard Ella say. "Ella, I have to.." "Please Kai please be careful."I nodded.I went to the armoury and asked the local blacksmith for some armour.He gladly gave me a steel chestplate and steel legplates.It was heavy and i told him i would rather something light.He said he reccomended the steel for protection, but if i really needed it he would give me Strong Leather that they called Yeal Leather.

    I got ready to leave when he suggested i use a shield.I told him i'd rather not.He nodded.I rushed towards the castle gate where the King and Ella were at. But i went past them into the large number of soldiers ready for combat.The Melee Captain told me i should come up front.A few of the other soldiers laughed at me and said that im gonna die fast with my leather."we'll see.." cool i replied.The gate was being opened. "CHARGE THEM!!"

    We started running towards the red and black figures in the night,not knowing what they could do.

    This is what the demon leader looked like, Humans are only up to its thigh:
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    This is Kai:
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