• Written by Dan Nguyen
    Gunners #0The Escape

    It has been for years since the Gunners has lived on for so many years working for Heavens and Hell…… some have lived some have died but one Gunner will lead a team… a team that will set out to a journey to find there destiny and life but will they truly survive? Will one Gunner face Darkness and Light…….

    nine years ago……

    Boy: Sukya! Look what I’ve got!

    Sukya: oh hey Hakuru! Lets what you’ve got there! Hey that looks really nice!

    Hakuru: I found it at the forest! Pretty neat ay?!

    Rukina: alright you two its time to go to bed!

    Hakuru/Sukya: yes mother!

    Tomoka: you think they’ll ever find a future….

    Rukina: yeah…they’ll find a future when they do they’ll start a new life

    Tomoka: well lets go to sleep tomorrows a big day!

    Rukina: your right lets go….

    Later at night


    Tomoka: hey what the?!

    Rukina: what the heck was that?!

    Tomoka: Rukina! Get the kids! I’ll check it out!

    Rukina: right!

    Later in the bedroom

    Rukina: Hakuru! Sukya! Wake up!

    Hakuru: mom was going on?!

    Sukya: whats happening?!

    Rukina: somethings happening your father is taking care of it!

    Tomoka: *gets out 9mm pistol* alright show yourself!

    Vampire: I’m right here…….

    Tomoka: what are you doing in our house! And what do you want!

    Vampire: I’m here to kill you……

    Tomoka: *bang*bang* I don’t know who you are?! And what you are! But theres no way your going to kill my family!

    Vampire: so be it! *bang*bang*

    Tomoka: you can do better than that! *gets out a knife*

    Vampire: *smiles with a smurk face*grabs his neck*

    Tomoka: “gack!”

    Vampire: die….

    Tomoka: AUGH!

    Rukina: Tomoka! No!

    Vampire: so this is Rukina…. With the demon inside of her…..such a lovely women

    Rukina: damn you! *gets out 9mm pistols* your going to hell!


    Sukya: mother! Mother!

    Hakuru: Sukya! Wait!

    Sukya: mother!

    Rukina: augh! Damn it! *gets out a grenade* I’m sorry…Sukya and Hakuru…..run….


    Sukya: mother!
    Hakuru: Sukya no!

    Sukya: augh…..

    Hakuru: Sukya! We haft to go and run!

    Sukya: but mother…

    Hakuru: I know…… but we haft to hurry!

    Later outside

    Vampire: where are you going?!

    Hakuru: nani?!

    Vampire: your all going to die…..

    Sukya: you killed our father and mother! Your going to pay!

    Vampire: *grabs her and breaks her whole body*

    Hakuru: Sukya no!

    Vampire: its time to die boy…..

    Hakuru: *grabs gun* stay back! *bang*bang*bang* AUGH! *runs away*

    Vampire: you think you can get away that easily…… huh?

    Flaming woods started to fall down on the Vampire

    Later at the next day

    Hakuru: augh…. Its cold…..

    Soldier: gotcha boy

    The soldier quickly shoots at Hakuru with a sleeping bullet

    Soldier: alright boys pick him up!

    Later at HQ

    Scientist: this boy has great recovery and also great abilities he will become the ultimate weopon!
    With all these years Hakuru became nothing but a bioweoponry soldier until then at the age of sixteen Hakuru met up with Ranma and Yamota this happened when training happened when Yamota and Hakuru falled down into a mysteriouse hot spring they suddenly turned into girls Hakuru with long blue hair and Yamota with blonde short hair they suddenly became friends but Hakuru was punished for his/her actions but they started to keep on studying Hakuru

    Two years later

    Scientist: so whats happening now

    2nd Scientist: I don’t know I’m going to go to a pub you coming?

    Scientist: yeah sure why not I’m free for today

    2nd Scientist: sweet after we teach this girl a lesson!

    Later in the chamber room

    Scientist: alright there she is…lets give her the drug

    2nd Scientist: yeah

    Hakuru-girl: augh……

    2nd Scientist: alrighty drink it all up… there ya go you little brat squirt I hate brats like these but shes pretty cute but I love to torture her hahaha….

    Hakuru-girl: augh….my head…..

    Scientist: lets go we’ve done our job……

    Later on

    Soldier: *opens up door* its time to beat the crap out of you! And wait where did she go?

    Hakuru-girl: its time to die! *flips over him and cracks his neck*grabs out his key card*

    Alert! Alert! Subject bioweopon 215 has escaped! Alert alert! Subject bioweopon 215 has escaped!

    Scientist: what impossible! How can she!

    2nd Scientist: that brat!

    General: all soldiers! What ever you do! Keep firing at her! When you see her! Take the aim!

    Later in the weopon room

    Hakuru-girl: weopons….kill…… *takes two 9mm pistols and one prototype 15mm gun that can change into three weopons into sniper rifle, battle rifle and shotgun*

    Computer: sir she is heading up to level 15

    General: don’t let her get up to the surface!

    Computer: yes sir!

    Closing all blocks!

    Hakuru-girl: *jumps into vent*

    Soldier: alright she’ll never get pass!

    Hakuru-girl: *jumps down*

    Soldier: what the hell?!

    Hakuru-girl: *kicks him and shoots his head off and shoots everybody*

    Soldier: augh!

    General: close all doors and levels

    Hakuru-girl: *heads up to the vetn again and heads up to level 35*

    Genreal: augh s**t! get every unit and vehicle in the surface!

    Later up at the surface

    Soldier: oh s**t shes covered in so much blood!

    General: don’t let her scare ya…. You have five seconds to drop your weopons and surrender! If you do not comply in five seconds! We have no choice but to kill you!

    Hakuru-girl: kill…me….you all killed….me…..

    General: 1…..2…..3……4…..5! alright fine have it your way then! Open fire!

    2nd Scientist: *gets out flamethrower* burn in hell!
    Soldier: die die die!

    Smoke starts flowing everywhere

    Hakuru-girl: *jumps up the air*

    General: what the hell?!

    Hakuru-girl: *bagn*bang*bang*bang*bang* *throws grenades*kicks them and puchs them on the ground and uses them as a shield*

    Hakuru-girl: grabs a soldeir*

    Soldier: wait no no no! don’t shoot!

    2nd Scientist: burn in hell! Goddamnit! *burns him*

    Hakuru-girl: *kicks the soldeir off at the fire and runs up to the scientist and cracks his neck open*

    2nd Scientist: AUGH!

    Hakuru-girl: kill….everyone…….

    General: *bang*bang* stay the hell away from me!

    Hakuru-girl: *throws every grenade at each vehicle and runs up the general*


    Hakuru-girl: KILL!

    General: s**t! stay away! *bang*bang*

    Hakuru-girl: *gets out two knives and slices his neck*

    General: AUGH!

    Hakuru-girl: kill…… *walks to Tokyo*

    Later on

    Scientist: augh s**t! she killed everyone outside! How can she….*pukes*

    Soldier: *sigh* oh…s**t look at the general

    Meanwhile at the Department Bioweoponry Facility (D.B.F)

    Man: so she killed over one hundred men at the surface

    Women: yes that’s right…… we’re sending out an assassin to kill her Hakuru Sakura is heading to Tokyo as we speak

    Man: she is too dangerouse but the perfect bioweoponry to use at war once shes dead we’ll bring her back wipe her memories out and use her again

    Later on in Mount Fuji

    Hakuru-girl: home……home…….*starts to walk into a burnt fire place* mother…father…..Sukya……..I’m home…….. *grabs head* AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs photo of family and runs*

    Later the next morning in Tokyo

    Hakuru-girl: augh….

    People: nani?! She has weopons on her! Is she supposed to be like a prisoner or something?!

    Man: give me your damn money b***h!

    Women: please leave me alone!

    Hakuru-girl: grabs his shoulder*

    Man: what do you want b***h?!

    Hakuru-girl: *knees him in the face and slams him into the wall*

    Man: AUGH!

    Hakuru-girl: *walks away*

    Women: augh…….

    People: what is she a freak?!

    Hakuru-girl: *keeps on walking*

    Later in the middle of the streets

    Yamota-girl: yes I won again! Sorry kid but no one can beat me in Street Fighter Four!
    Kid: aww man…. Well it was fun anyways Yamota! Next time I’ll really beat you!

    Yamota-girl: well keep practicing!

    Hakuru-girl: augh………

    Yamota-girl:what the? She looks familiar…….don’t tell me….. Hakuru!

    Hakuru-girl: Yamota……

    Yamota-girl: yeah! remember me! I’m Yamota Yamaha! From that spring in China! Its great to see you again!

    Hakuru-girl: Yamota…..*falls down on him*

    Yamota-girl: augh! Hakuru what happened to you? What have they done to you……? Don’t worry I’ll take care of you we’ll better head to my apartment!

    Later at Yamota’s apartment

    Hakuru-girl: augh……home…..

    Yamota-girl: yeah thats right Hakuru this is my home……. Hey how about tomorrow maybe I’ll let you come with me at my high school! Its called Hadoken High School! Best school there is in Tokyo! Trust me! You’ll be around with girls and-

    Hakuru-girl: girls….? *grabs out pornomagazine*

    Yamota-girl: AHH!! Umm….how about we forget about that one……anyways we’ll start off tomorrow but how about we get you some clothes! Yoru not feeling well and all you must be sick don’t worry how about we just get some-

    Hakuru-girl: I will go…..

    Yamota-girl: what?

    Hakuru-girl: I will go myself…… it doesn’t matter….

    Yamota-girl: well hey I’ll come with you just in case anyways heres the money

    Later at the clothing chop*

    Yamota-girl: buy anything you like!

    Hakuru-girl: I remember…. A blue cap that my sister gaved me…….. it always been a great hat to me…. I still have my blue cap and it will always be treasured always

    Yamota-girl: listen Hakuru I’n sorry about your family….

    Hakuru-girl: don’t be Yamota…. I left them there it was my fault…… *gets green jacket*

    Yamota-girl: well Hakuru I’ll always be with you to help you out so ask me anythign at all! And I’ll do it!

    Hakuru-girl: *opens door*

    Yamota-girl: woah Hakuru! You look cool!

    Hakuru is wearing a blue cap on her head a green jacket white snicker shoes two black gloves two white socks and one black T-shirt

    Yamota-girl: now that’s what I call clothing!

    Later back home

    Yamota-girl: tomorrow Hakuru we are going to high school together! And trust me theres a lot of things you haven’t learned yet! You’ll be learning a lot of things instead of fighting!

    Later at the heavens

    Goddess: so Hakuru Sakura has escaped…….. she will be one of the Gunners most reliable Gunner of all……

    Written by Dan Nguyen

    #0The Escape

    #1Demon Awakening