• Boredom: the desire for desires.
    --- Leo Tolstoy

    If there was something he had plenty of, Seikyo would say it was time, though those that despised him often said that he would not live long enough to enjoy it. He could easily recall the time a full blooded angel who he promptly ended the life off telling him something similar (b*****d deserved it -- calling him a sociopath). The words meant little to him, and he refused to let them get under his skin. After all, people never made good on their threats.

    He spent long days on that thirteenth floor office, fingers already working their way over the keys of the piano, only pausing to get a cup of tea. One time this coward, amidst Seikyo's playing, left a voicemail death threat. Later, if he had time to kill (and he always did) he would show up at said person's house (poor b*****d knew nothing of caller ID, Seikyo assumed) and knock on their door. When they answered, he would offer to take him out to lunch and discuss what exactly he meant by "sleep with one eye open".