• The night beakens all who have an ill-will; calling them; ensnaring their very hearts, clenching their souls. Slowly, almost so they do not notice; tearing into their very existance from their now cold rotting hands. The howls of hatred and vengeance fill the night, never slowing. The sound rings in their ears. Rattling thier brains, shaking them from their stuppor. They never realized, until too late, that their world was about to end. God has decided. It's time for a new era. The humans never knew.

    The lighting became more frequent, shooting rays of electricity upon all who was unfortunate. Bodies of men, women, and children littered the streets. Some of the unfortunate still still burning. Screams of pain, horror and fear covered up the silence. Houses and buildings groaning with the effort upright. The fires that consmed them spreading. The crackling of the flames barely covered up more agonized screams.

    Earthquakes shook the whole world, sounding like the roar of a lion. Even more bodies littered the streets. Filling ponds, lakes and even oceans. The world's population was diminishing. Soon even the humans will be extinct. Along with every living organism on earth.

    Scientists (what was left of them) raved over the tragedy. Simply blaming it on Global Warming. The leaders of the world denied that it was Global Warming. The worlds leader's claim? They didnt have one. They simply embraced the the idea in fear of their people finding out the truth. The truth that they were planning to do away with 1/3 of the world's population. But the question is, Did they cause the Catastrophic event in order to do away with that 1/3? No. This couldn't be done by such ignorant fools. This had to be done by something un-human. Something powerful. Someone who's anger for the world he created deepenedas he watched the human's plan.

    The jails that kept the enemies of the world at bay exploded as prisoners made a hectic escape into the outside world. Nobody knew of this event, for all news sources had been destroyed. The world was unprepared as true evil was released. Killing became for frequent, rapes became for violent, robbers became more desperate. The end result was bodies encasing the streets, headds were removed rom their respected bodies, arms and legs also strewn across every available space.

    The cries of children deafened the ears of everyone around, making it hard for people not to weep for the children's suffering. Cannabalism became more known. The dead did not go to waste. Every part was used one way or another. There was enough dead people to go around or so they thought. Soon the dead were becoming too rotted to eat. Even though people died everyday. There were too many dead, some of them were not found until weeks later, making their meat no longer edible. What the people of the world did not know was that the bodies of the dead were diseased. A new bacteria had developed. One that did not harm the living humans, unless consumed. Meaning that the ones who practiced cannabalism were now deceased. This new unfortunate happening taking away the only food source that was abundant.

    The hierarchy of man kind was slowly decaying, in it's place a system like no other has formed. Taking the elite figures of the world, they joined them together under one roof, under a one system government. Creating, in it's self, the ultimate dictatorship. But of course the people of this "United Nation" knew nothing about the underhanded plots the "Government" was creating. Oh no! If the people of the world caught wind of the governments plan, it would lead t an all out revolt against the people of higher status. But, of course, the "new" government was oh sho careful. They took no chances of getting cought. If, by chance, any information was leaked to the public, well, you can say to those who let the information leak out. Therefore, resulting in the execution of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. And, if you are they were not careful, the execution of the entire human race. At least, what was left of it.

    Though cannabalism is no longer practiced, and is not out lawed, their are secret groups that still practice the act. But instead of waiting for the person to just die, and let the bacterium consume the body. These people burn their chosen meanl alive, making the body ready to eat, and not having to worry about dying to survive. Though this practice is well hidden, it sometimes becomes painfully obvious that these human eaters are stealing people right og the streets. Though you may not notice at first, but over a gradual amout of time the people who wonder the streets non-stop everyday disappear, then thats when the man eaters have pack up and leave to their new "feeding ground."

    If you take a closer look at the technology of this new era you will notice several things. One, Electricty no longer works, what once powered the machines is now only reserved for the "elites." Making it so electricity is now considered a myth. Second, if you are to "find" a source of electricity and dont reportit to the higher up's, the punishment can, and most likely will be death. Three, any kind of technology has become almost primitive. How they once focused on looks and performance, they now soley focused on on looks and looks alone. For looks are what matter most in this day in age. This claim coming from the new government. A government where only the elites ruled. where the middle class was considered poor and the poor was now considered, well, dead.

    Even thought the world was collapsing all around, there are "Secret Cities" hidden deep under the ground. This is where the revolters (that were against the governemt) hid. They laid in wait for the perfect moment to strike, to fight back against the opressor. The number of people willing to stand up for their rights were few to none, but it was their eagerness to be free from the dictatorship rule that the "government" had implimented upon them. The sole desire to be free drove them. The "goverment" had caught wind of this group of revolters, and had sent many army platoons to destroy their organization.

    Though the revolt was strong, there were a few of th members that have been captured. Since they worked with the resistance, they were tortured, bound, then killed after they (the government) got the information on the resistance's movements and plans. Slowly more and more of the members were being captured. Slowly being tortured, violated, killed. Though now a days you never seem to see anyone walking the streets. Any streets for that matter. A curfew had been issued 15 years prior, and is still in effect to this day. Even though the curfew is set a 7 p.m. (all over the world) there are still a few rebels running loose, but some times those rebels end up as food for the cannibals. When one of them falls victim to the man eaters, more are sure to follow, hence the domino effect. There is one thing you must know about them (the cannibals) they consider women and children delicacy. if you ever ask a man eater why they consider them that, they will answer with the following. "They scream more."

    The world's population has now almost completely diminished. The few thousand that remain are most likely under the governments protection. Either that are they are used for breeding. Merely slaves in the way of lust. Since the worlds economy crashed most people have forgotten about God. They believe that if God loved them, he would never had killed so many innocent people.

    In the ways of God, nobody can be certain what is plan was. Most had given up on his teachings. Never noticing their true purpose of their existance right infront of their eyes. Never realising that he had chosen a select few to live past this harsh point in their lives. forgoing the idea that God could actually exist, they lent their belief to the government. But what the people didnt know, was that their adversion to the truth, for God, was going to end their very lives. They had forsaken him, though he wasnt going to forsake them, he was going to cleanse them of all their wrong doings. Cleanse them of all their sins. Just like Jesus did, only this time it would be more drastic.

    Soon hurricanes began to invade the mainlands, traveling furrther than usual, causing more damage. Bodies lay submerged in the murky depths of the flood water. The dead bodies washing out into the great oceans. The bacterium spread into the water, killing the fish and all mammals in the sea. When the water evaporates the bacterium gets evaported with the water. But the bacteria does not die, no, instead it travels with the rain clouds. And when it rains, it rains the bacteria into the water people drink. Killing all who consume the deadly liquid. The now semi-extinct human race now starved and thirsted. some resorted to drinking the blood of animals that still lived. Soon, more humans joined in on this act. But instead of continueing drinking animal blood, they soon re-adapted to another form of cannibalism. They started hunting other humans. Though, i doubt these blood drinkers were still human.

    The government soon began to sweat. Their "leadership" is slowly staring to crumble. Their carefully coordinated plan (the annihalation of most of man kind) is failing. The development of these new blood drinkers was and still is taking its toll on the governments plan. The governments plan was not dead however. They soon tried to control the blood drinkers. They (the government) wanted the power these new people, this new species, possessed.

    By this time the blood drinkers were plotting. They were thinking. They were trying to decide on what to name their new species. It took several months for them to finally decide on what to name themselves. They now called themselves, Vampires. After they had issued their new name, they started to mix the blood that they drank with power enhancing chemicals. Hence, making them the vampires we know today.

    The adversion to sunlight. The allergies to garlic and other foods. And the hatred of holy objects. All of that is the side affects of the chemically enhanced blood they drank at the beginning of their existance. They can die in the sunligth if they are exposed to it for long periods of time. Their allergies to food is because the bacterium has been exposed to the food, although humans grew immine to it as time came and went, vampires did not. As for holy objects, they (the vampires) still believed in God, even thought the rest of the world did not. Though they still believed, they thought themselves as damned. Believing that God would never allow them into the holy land. Therefor, when they come across a cross or holy water, it reminds them of being damned and that they shall never have peace.

    Over the last few decades, the vampires have become restless. The humans weren't re-populating fast enough for them to keep feeding. The higher ups of the vampire race has come to a crucial point in their immortal life. They decided t sleep. Not a normal sleep, no. A semi-eternal sleep. A sleep that will last them until the humans repopulated the world. Sending out a message to every vampire in the world, the eternal night of rest is upon them.