• Corina passed through France again. It was her 5th time since her ruling. She shivered at the thought of the ruling. The judge was death himself. Dressed in a long, flowing, black robe. The jury, random ghosts who didn't care about whether she went to heven or hell or anywhere. They wanted out. Out of the juryduty that is.
    They ruled that her job was to roam the earth looking for the unfaithful in relationships and exposed them. However she could. Which she did.
    Ever since she saw Pierre with that girl, she knew she couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't take how unloved she felt and how much she was used. She just couldn't. That's why she did it.
    Damien was a ghost. Told by God himself to stay at the same spot where his human killed herself. Deep in the forrest. Away from civilization.
    Damien was surprised they even found Corina's body. Her cell-phone wasn't on her at the time, so she couldn't get tracked. Maybe it was his pressence that led the search dogs to that spot. Maybe.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Corina was there. The town. The town she was born in. The town where she lived. The town where she killed herself.
    She knew she had to go to that place. That place that went deeper and deeper in the woods. That place.
    She went to the woods. It was snowing. To her, possibly the most beautiful place in the world was the woods when its snowing.
    And she went there to the exact spot. And she looked up. And saw. Him.
    She knew it was him by just looking at him. He seemed, so.... so sad. She felt like he'd been there forever waiting for her. Waiting and waiting.
    And at the same time he saw her, and he felt his ghostly heart get warmer, like when he was her guardien angel when she was human. He was happy again, not haunted by her death. He felt that same love when she was alive. She was there.
    But they didn't speak. They didn't need to. They knew what each other felt. It was showing in there faces.
    And God looked down at them. He smiled. And with the wave of his hand they disapeared, only to be born again and relize that they belonged together.

    The End.
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