• the interesting adventers of me

    chapter 1, 6 years later

    "yo!Shane!" says josh shanes only friend "wanna go hang out at my place?"
    he had dirty blond hair and he was 5 foot 4 and always i repeat ALWAYS
    wears black, even black uniforms. And i didnt even know uniforms were allowed to change color.

    and i said "no thanks how bout my place?"


    then i say "lets go"

    while we wuz sk8boredin on my half pipe a bright red astroid hit the middle school (yay!)

    so josh and i went so check it out...

    when they gotten there the police beaten them to it and 2 musled guards were blocking the only climbable hole

    then josh said "lets get in there"

    then i yelled "what?!"

    "no worry i got a plan"

    (he had a smirk)