• My lungs hurt! Every inhale caused an immense burning through my chest. A constant ow...ow...ow... I was stopped suddenly. Two arms wrapped around my waist, restraining me. I froze for a moment, then began to thrash. "Ty! I have to get him! He didn't go! He has to go through the gate! I have to...I can't..." I was crying to hard! I felt so pathetic, it seemed like my flow of tears haven't stopped since I died.

    "Scarlett, please. I know this is hard, but you can't do anything now. You have to let him go." His beautiful voice sounded strange too, only his emotion was closer to shock then fear. I was still trying to wriggle out of his grasp.

    "No Ty! I won't have my first human be a mistake. You said yourself that-"

    "Scarlett, please." He repeated, tightening his hold on me. I choked out a sob, and twirled around, grabbing the front of his shirt with one hand and pounding his chest with the other. I wanted to hurt him, but I kept my fists gentle. He was only trying to help.

    Ty sighed, and hugged me tightly, letting me take my anger out on him. That poor boy. He was going to go through hell. He was going to see no response out of any human forever. He was going to be ignored forever. And I couldn't help him. I'm his angle...but I can't help him.

    Both of my hands where now gripping Ty's shirt, as if I planned to kill it. "Ty...I-I'm so, s-sorry." I whimpered, shaking my head. He was apparently at a loss for words. He just pet the back of my head gently.

    "Dmirty was born a few moments ago. He's perfectly healthy, and is with a good family that loves him very much. He has an older sister, Rebecca. His mother is a secretary for a very high business, so money is no issue for them. His father stays home and plays with him and Rebecca everyday. They have a dog. He's a huge, yellow lab named Porter. The dog loves children, and will make him very happy when Daddy is busy." Before I could stop myself, I was smiling. Dmirty was my human. I owned him. I was going to raise him, but he would know nothing about me until he dies. I want Dmirty to be happy, and have a good life. It's a instinct of mine.

    "Really?" I asked Ty, glancing up from his tear-splatted chest. He smiled reassuringly. "Can I see him?" I asked, my eyes wide with wonder. I didn't realize it at the moment, but Dmirty had subconsciously become the most important thing to me. If Ty had told me I had to stop breathing to keep that baby alive, I would have plugged my nose without hesitation. I didn't need to breath...but it was still uncomfortable.

    "Not yet, you have three more people to take care of today. Get your book out."

    With my hands still shaking, I slip my book out of my back pocket, and scrawl Ty's orders on the parchment.

    2: Maria.
    3: Tony.
    4: Aubrey.