• She took my spot silently. I sat down and said, “Thank you.” I fell asleep a few minutes later. I heard the ding of the bell and I woke up…

    I lifted my head groggily and cupped my neck, it was tense. I grabbed my red purse and unzipped the zipper. I saw my velvet blue diary and stroked it. I saw some five gum and kept searching the small bag. I blinked twice and finally found my black compact mirror. I opened it and saw my brown hair frizzed. I groaned and looked at the man next to me, he smiled. I returned it with a timid smile and I dug in my purse for my small fold out brush, it had a figure of a detective. I combed through my hair quickly and there was another ding. I looked up to see the seatbelt sign flash. I buckled the seatbelt around my waist. The airplane touched the ground and I smiled out of pleasure. I finally can live and meet my family.


    I had watched her walk from me, I had watch the one I love walk away. I went home after she was far gone. I sat in my lonely dark room for two long weeks. I had sat around for too long, I wasn’t going to sit here no more. I was going to talk to her. I got into my white truck and started to drive. I parked outside her house and got out of the car, I slammed the door with unnecessary force. I stretched my hand over my shoulder while I was walking up the porch and pressed the lock button on the key ring. I paced outside for a moment, finally I knocked on the door. No response, I knocked harder. I heard a shuffle of footsteps and a faint voice, it sound as if they were on the phone. The brass door knob turned ever so slightly before a sigh came, “Who is it?”
    “Damon, open up.” A laugh came out from the other side and the door was wrenched open. I stepped back when I saw Emma was at the door. Her face was lightened with a smile and her eyes were brown and wide. There was a sky blue phone in her hand pressed to her waist. I tried to smile but I know it wasn’t a great one, “Hello Emma, is Jayne home? I need to speak with her.”
    “Oh she is in France, she is coming home tomorrow. She was going to stay longer there but she is kind of home sick. But anyway she is on the phone. Here.” She smiled and waved me in. I kept my hands linked behind my back and Emma held out the phone for me. I hesitantly grabbed it, while Emma walked into the kitchen. I put the phone to my ear and heard what sounded like little boys playing with toy trucks. I heard a familiar laughter. I smiled when I heard it and I let out a little laugh. I quickly stopped when I heard an intake of breath, “Oh sorry Emma, I didn’t hear you come back on the line. Are you happy that Im coming back? You never answered. Oh who was at the door?…..Emma?”
    “Jayne, its-”
    “Damon?! Were is Emma?” Her voice was a bit angry but concerned.
    “She handed me the phone to talk to you, look Im sorry. You cant keep running from you fears, I’ll see you when you get home.”
    “Don’t tell me what to do!” The line went dead and Emma walked back in. I handed the phone back, “I’ll come back here tomorrow, what time does she arrive?”
    “Nine o’ clock in the morning.” I nodded and walked out. I drove home and waited impatiently for Jayne to come home.


    I hung up the phone. I waved to my new brother and his family as I grabbed my suitcase and I walked into the living room and hugged them good-bye. They watched me walk. Ha, that’s not the first time someone has watched me leave. The airport was a couple blocks away and I had an hour to kill before my flight so I walked. I passed a beauty salon and thought I want to change. I walked in, “Hello, do you speak English?”
    A woman with a heavy French ascent, “Yes, what do you want?”
    “Change me in twenty minutes.”
    “Aw, my specialty, come.” She dyed my hair cherry red and she painted my nails red to match my hair and then she did my make up. After she was done I had shoulder length hair and it was cherry red. I smiled and paid. I went to the airport and got on my plane. My flight landed an hour later than planned. I stepped out of the plane with my suitcase and went to luggage claim. I grabbed my big plaid blue and green suitcase. I walked out the door and saw Emma holding a hand made sign saying “JAYNE!!” I laughed and walked to her. She dropped her mouth, “You look great. Very different.” I smiled and hugged her tight. We got in her blue BMW…