• I slowly started walking and heard something rustle behind me. I whirled around but nothing was there. Something was messing with my mind. I pressed on but couldn't shake the feeling that something or someone was following me. Finally I couldn't help it, I screamed. Then I heard a soft calm voice speak to me.
    "Be careful Bianca. Something is after you. But now I'm here and I promise to protect you." I turned around but again nothing was there. I faced forward and saw Eric looking at me with a concerned look on his face. He smiled at me but his eyes remained sad. "Please be careful. It's not wise to chase after wolves. No matter how harmless their appearance may be," he said.

    This time I woke up to I Always Get What I Want by Avril Lavigne. I smiled and saw the Pooters was sleeping on my stomach. I pushed her off then got up and ran for the bus. I saw Eric running for the bus and I caught up with him. We both got there in time. Eric smiled at me ackwardly and sat in front of Ash. She was doing her French Homework on the bus again.
    "Quick, what's the French word for cat?" she asked. I sighed.
    "Chat. Stop asking me. I'm not even in French anymore." I said putting my backpack under the seat. It stayed. She smiled then giggled.
    "Guess what my sentence is?" she said. I sighed. I knew before she said it. "Le nom du chat de mon ami est Pooters. Cute huh?"
    "Yeah. My friend's cat's name is Pooters. Real cute." I said without much enthusiam. She pouted but went back to her homework. Eric turned around and saw Ash pouting.
    "I think it's cool," he said. I smiled at him but he'd just doomed himself. Ash instantly became happy again and then she started talking about all the other cute things she'd written. It was amusing to me but looked like torture to him. It was a fun ride to school.

    After school I packed my things up from Food Studies. We'd made cookies today. I was eating them when I walked outside and saw Eric standing there with Ash. She was torturing him again with her neverending gossip. I smiled.
    "Hey. I was just telling Eric about the new movie. You know some old one they brought back and made into colour. It sounds really cool. You guys wanna go see it together? Maybe today or tomorrow?" asked Ashley. I shook my head.
    "I'm busy today. But maybe tomorrow. I'll try to make sure nothing comes up," I said. She was pouting again. I rolled my eyes.
    "I'm busy today too. Sorry. I'm free tomorow though." Eric wasn't looking at us. He was staring at the window. I didn't know what his problem was but Ash broke the shrt silence.
    "Are those Sunshine cookies? I love those!" she cried and dived at my paper bag full. I pulled it away just in time. "Aw! Come on Bee. Don't be so stingy!" She lunged at the again. We continued doing that for a while and at the end we were both a laughing. I finally gave her a cookie and she ate it slowly. "I can't eat too many though. I've got to watch my waist line." I rolled my eyes at her again and we laughed. I looked around and noticed that Eric had gone and we'd missed the bus. I sighed.
    "Great Ash. Thanks to you, we have to walk home." I moaned.

    After two days of running almost everywhere I went and then having to walk home today, I wanted to drop onto the floor and go to sleep. I knew I couldn't though because I was going to do something with Eric later. I sighed. I quickly made myself a snack then took a shower. I twirled each strand of hair around my finger then pinned them all to the top of my head. I sprayed my hair with hairspray then took out the pins. It held so I went and changed into short jean shorts and a ocean blue tank top. I went downstairs and then the doorbell rang. I opened the door and Eric was standing there in jeans and a white T-shirt. I smiled at him. He smiled back. I took my keys and locked the door before we left. I'd already written a note ahead of time so Mom wouldn't worry if I was out too late.

    We talked a bit about everything. A little about my past and how I'd grown up in the country and a little about how he grew up in a village near a forest. He didn't talk much but he listened pretty well. I'd quiz him when I thought he wasn't listening. He always got the questions right. We went for a walk around the city. We ended up at Autumn Park. The trees there were cared for a certain way in order to make sure their leaves were always different shades of orange, yellow and red. I loved that park. It's why I'd agreed to move here in the first place. We sat on a bench for a half hour and talked about the leaves and lookde for animals. I wanted to ask him if he'd heard anything strange the night before. Maybe prove that I really had seen the wolf. When I finally did ask he denied hearing anything. I sighed. I didn't have any more answers then before. I concluded it must've been my imagination.

    When I got home I fell onto my bed, exhausted. I wanted to go straight to bed but I heard a noise from outside again. I quickly leapt up and looked out my window. The wolf was there again only this time it was in my yard. Right under my window. IT didn't run, it just stared up at me. It was bigger than a normal wolf. I couldn't stop staring. It blinked at me before turning away and walking towards Autumn Park. I stared where it had disappeared over the hill. I could swear that it had stared at me with bright green eyes.