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    As the youngest of the Kumori family, my duty as of now is to search for a certain someone, within the six months that I’m provided with. It’s an assignment from my father. He always considered me as a nuisance. He never hindered on the harshness he felt toward me, because of that he always gave me a difficult time to train so that I could be as successful as the other Kumori members .

    I have two older siblings. The eldest brother, Saito, is twenty-seven. Being first born, he is the most favorable to my family. He’s the strongest swordsman in our family. He is married to Lady Shizuka and has one daughter whose five years old.

    My other brother, Kaito, is twenty-one. He is very good with a sword. Not much offense, but he is good with defense and strategizing. He doesn’t talk much, he isn’t seeing anyone right now either. He prefers to be with family.

    My father, his name is Hideki, but we call him Father. It would be rude to call him by his first name. He only allows Mother to call him by his first name, others who aren’t family, call him by his last name to show respect.

    My mother, her name is Hikaru. My mother is beautiful, so young and pale. Her light brown eyes twinkle with a hint of gold. My brothers and I inherited her eyes, which we are so grateful to have. Oddly enough, our father has similar eyes to her, with a hint of gold. It’s what separates us from other families. Looking at our eyes, you can tell we are the Kumori.

    I, Hiroto Kumori, was the last born in my family. Being aged 16, I am the youngest swordsman and the one people expect more out of. I’m not admired more than my brothers or father or mother. I have to work harder for my importance and pride since I haven’t completed as many tasks as my brothers have on my age.

    It took me a while to learn how to wield a sword and to master skills, which decreased a few years out of my training of completing tasks. I have a lot to catch up. I have to bring my family pride, in order to do so I must kill someone.

    It’s a harsh task, however, I must complete it in order to not be thrown out of my family and disowned of my name. I’m set for six months to capture him. Will I be able to maintain my name?

    Chapter One

    April 1st

    As I take my first steps leaving from the Kumori residence, I can’t help but take a last look at the village before I go. Light winds are pushing toward me as I walk forward. Plants are surrounding the area. Insects are flying freely, so many flies, bees, dragonflies, ladybugs and butterflies. Roses, daisies, tulips, peach blossoms, violets and lilies are blooming all around.

    The clouds are a white but slight light grey color. The sun is beginning to reveal itself once again. The smell of rain finishing it’s fall is exposed. The smell of the wet grass is out. The sweet smell of April is here. It’s spring. Even with this great atmosphere, I still can’t help but think, will I accomplish this mission, or will I cowardly run away?

    Walking further away, I noticed from the corner of my eye that my family is waving good-bye. Oddly enough, it seems like they’ll miss me.

    I turned around and waved back at them. They I gave a slight smile to assure them my safety.

    As I turned back around and started to walk, I opened the small folded piece of paper that was in my hand. Written on it was:

    Hiroto Kumori,

    As of now, it’s April 1st. As we told you before, you’ll have six months to complete your mission. Your deadline is October 1st.

    TARGET: Toushirou Ikazuchi

    My reason for choosing him is for underestimating us, the Kumori, and making a mockery of my family. He was never trustworthy person. I despise him.

    Show no mercy for any witnesses. Don’t come back if your empty-handed, it would just be a waste of time.

    -Hideki Kumori-
    Be careful and make me proud, Son.

    I examined the paper. On the lower left corner was an attachment. It was...money.

    That was oddly nice of him, I thought. I wonder what he meant by ‘Be careful’. I formed a slight smile that didn’t quite reach my eyes. I left the money in the letter ad refolded it. I placed it in my pocket and began to head out to commence my quest.


    The Kumori residence is slightly far from the shops and attractions in the village. It’s a very long walk.

    After slowly walking for what seemed about two hours, I finally reached the attractions of the village.

    An important event seemed to have come up since there were crowds of people all around. Some people were buying souvenirs; others were playing festival games and entering contests. Some people even had masks on. There were so many people around, most with partners or families and I’m just alone….

    Having so many people around got me thinking. How will I find Ikazuchi in such a crowded place? I wasn’t given any information about him except for his name. Maybe if I ask around, I might get answers.

    I walked up to a family of five. There were two sons; one around the age of thirteen and the other looked about nine years old. There were also two daughters; one nineteen and the other seemed to be eight. Lastly, there was only one mother.

    “Um, excuse me Miss, I’m looking for someone, do you happen to know anyone by the name of Ikazuchi?” I asked the mother of the family.

    At first, she didn’t answer. She glanced at my eyes and then she couldn’t stare back at them. She looked at me strangely and surprised. Then she said as she almost broke her voice, “No.”

    “Mommy, that’s one of the Kumori people! Look at his eyes!” the youngest son loudly yelled out.

    Suddenly, all the noise, all the games, almost all the conversations ceased. I heard crowds of people running towards me and yelling out my name.

    My family is much known all over Japan, which makes us somewhat popular. I never knew it had such an impact to the people though.

    At first, I wanted to see how far they would go, but then my instincts told me to run. To my advantage, being chased isn’t a problem, since running is in my blood. Father never let us learn anything new unless we can learn how to run as fast as he could.

    I lost sight of the crowd in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t hear any footsteps running after me.

    I needed time alone to strategize. How the hell can I find one person in a crowd of millions? Along with that, how can I avoid publicity? I need a disguise…

    I glanced at my watch. It was already seven o’ clock. It’s late and darkish and I never checked in for an inn. I should check in now before it’s too late. Damn, it would be trouble if I checked in with my real name. Damn, that wouldn’t work, they can still look my eyes easily and discover me…. Maybe I can rely on closing me eyes, learn…to use...my other senses. AHH, that’s such a stupid idea. I really do need a disguise. Something like contacts or glasses. Maybe a cap would do well also.

    I walked back to the stores and to my luck, not as many people were there, also, it was dark, so I wouldn’t be as noticeable.

    I walked up to one of the merchants who sold caps, glasses, masks, wigs, etc.

    “Hello, sir. May I purchase these sunglasses?” I asked.

    “Ah of course, sonny,” the merchant began to say. He looked to be aged around his sixties or seventies. His voice cracked constantly as he spoke. “Ha ha, but don’t you think it’s too dark for the glasses? Or are you just in the festival spirit to dress up? Would you like these along with the sunglasses?” he tried to bribe me into buying more things. He placed the sunglasses I wanted on the counter along with a weird red clown wig and a fake long mustache, and a cap.

    “I wouldn’t dare wear all that…,” I told him.

    “Ah, come on, sonny,” he insisted.

    “Um, no thank you. I will take the cap along with the sunglasses,” I replied to him.

    Geez, I want to disguise but I don’t want to be a freak show….

    “Are you sure, hmm?”

    “Yes...,” I answered irritably, trying to resist a temper. I also needed to avoid glaring. I suppose I intimidated him a bit. He never spoke after that. Ha, I would apologize, but it’s a bit too late for that. He gave me the price and I paid and quickly left.

    I put the black sunglasses on and the dark navy blue cap on. I tipped the corner of the cap forward a bit to hide my eyes more.

    Grrrr…I heard my stomach growl. I haven’t eaten for hours. I looked around and the only store closest to me was a café. It’ll have to do for now, I thought.

    I walked towards it and stepped in. No one noticed me; I was just a normal customer in their eyes. I sighed in relief. I sat down in a row of about eight chairs. I sat on the last chair, five chairs across from two men. I could hear them talking under their breath, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help but listen.

    “Just tell me when, and I’ll slice a neck off,” I heard one man say. His voice was obnoxious and husky, so I assumed he was the more muscular one. He was holding onto a sword and had a knife in his left pocket.

    “Shh, keep your voice down, idiot. Last thing you’d want is for someone to hear us. You never know who’s listening,” I heard the other man say. From the corner of my eye, I saw him and he looked like a coward. From his voice, I could hear his fear, his heavy breathing. I saw his head turn left, glancing at me.

    “Um, hello, sir?” I heard a lady say. She was the waitress. She was wearing a maid outfit, black and white. I wasn’t attracted to her, however, I could hear the things those two men murmured. They wanted to hijack her, threaten her for money, and take her away, to start their abuse. “Sir, may I take your order?” she caught me by surprise.

    “Oh, I’m sorry. Can I just have a drink please?” I asked.

    “What kind?”

    “Anything’s fine.” She went to get my order; I couldn’t concentrate on eating right now. I had to pay close attention to them. They seemed dangerous. They didn’t speak much after what I heard before. When they did, it was either of no importance to me or just gibberish. I could definitely tell that they were slightly drunk.

    The waitress came back with tea. Oh great…I am just starving for tea….She also brought a plate with a slice of cake on it.

    “Uh, how much is all this?”

    She smiles and said, “It’s on us. It’s a festival today so we give our customers free food and drinks in order to celebrate.”

    “Oh…thanks,” I said as I went back to concentrate on the two men. When will he strike? When he does, I’ll need to be ready.

    I glanced quickly to my Tachi sword and then I heard my stomach growl some more.

    I picked up the spoon and began to take a piece of the cake slice. As I was about to eat, I heard the table slammed and the muscular man was standing up. He had his sword at the waitress’ neck and she was shrieking.

    Damn, why of all times, I was hungry…

    I dropped my spoon and quickly got up and walked toward them, as if nothing was wrong. I placed my hand on his sword and pressed down; placing is away from her neck and pointing it towards the ground. She ran out of the store following the customers outside.

    “And just who the hell do you think you are messin’ with me?” the muscular man said.

    “Who I am is of no importance to you,” I replied.

    “Ah, a wise guy, eh?” the cowardly one said.

    “Just give me five seconds with him,” the muscular one said.

    He gripped his sword tighter on his hands and swiftly went to attack, aiming for my chest. I grabbed the sword and ceased this movement.

    “It’s been five seconds,” I said teasingly.

    He grunted and tried attacking again; I either dodged all attacks or stopped it from touching me. Not a scratch in sight. I didn’t want to fight back, but I couldn’t see a way out of this.

    “Just what the hell are you?” he said in his lost of breath. I made a slight grin. He was breathing heavily, while his friend just stared.

    He tried attacking once more, this time, I blocked him with my Tachi.

    With slight force, I pushed him down, towards the floor while his sword broke and fell to the side. I smiled in amusement.

    He got up and barged at me, as expected, with a knife, which was in his left pocket. To my surprise,, he had two knives, one in each pocket. He aimed at me with both in each hand. As he ran to me, I put my sword back, stood still and waited until he was closer. When he came closer, I grabbed his two arms, pushed them forward and kicked hard at his stomach. The knives fell as he dropped to the floor.

    I think I may have kicked him a bit too hard since he started coughing out some blood.

    I looked to my right and saw his cowardly friend staring and tumbling. I turned towards him and he took a small step back.

    “Leave.” I ordered him. He obeyed as he selfishly ran away. He seemed more frightened than the waitress.

    “Oh thank goodness,” I heard the waitress saying as she ran back to her shop in relief. “Thank you so much!”

    I didn’t respond back. I looked around and saw the damage I made, throwing him to the ground.

    “Sorry about the damage caused.”

    “Oh, it’s ok. Don’t worry about it. It’s the least of my worries. Thank you so very much. Is there anything I can do for you at all?” she asked.

    “Oh, no, don’t worry about it,” I told her. Then, I heard a grumbling noise. I’m STARVING! “On second thought, can I have another spoon, mine dropped? I never had a chance to eat.”

    “Right away, Sir!”

    When she came back, she brought a buffet of food and drinks.

    “Um, I didn’t…I uh, only asked for a spoon…,”I told her.

    “It’s the least I can do.”

    “Thank you.”

    “My pleasure.”

    Fortunately, she left me alone to eat since she had to pack everything up and close soon. She called the police and they took him away. I avoided any questions.

    When no one was around, I took off the sunglasses. Freedom! It felt great to have them off. I finally ate and it was delicious. I couldn’t finish it all though.

    The waitress came back and I swiftly put the sunglasses back on. She gradually helped pack up some of the food. She told me to take the remains for tomorrow. I did as told and got ready to leave.

    “Hey,” I began to say.

    “Yes?” Do you need something else?”
    ”Yeah, I wanted to ask if you’ve heard of anyone named Ikazuchi.”

    “It doesn’t ring a bell. Sorry.”

    “Darn, well, anyway, thanks for your help. Bye,” I said as I walked out.

    I guess it wasn’t a whole waste of time, at least I’m not starving.

    I looked at my watch. It was just five minutes to nine. Damn, I need to check in soon.

    I walked out of the café and I honestly had no idea where the inn was.
    I asked people around me. Some people didn’t want to answer me since I looked mysterious and others were just clueless.

    I walked around for hours. I think I was close to my home. At around eleven, I found my way around. I found the inn and checked in. He didn’t ask for a first name so I told him the last name of Sakurai.

    I had enough money to pay for a few nights. It was half off this night since the festival was still on.

    I went to the bathroom, bathed and got ready. For now I’ll have to use my same clothes. I’ll buy something else tomorrow.

    I went to my room and laid down on the bed. It felt comfortable, but the bed at my real room was better. I took off my cap and the sunglasses and just relaxed. It took a while to sleep, so I took the time to think.

    It’s been one heck of a day for me. Still, I’ve had no luck with clues. Then again, it’s just been a day so far. I will have to ask many people tomorrow about this guy; everyone that I possibly can.

    This troublesome mission is going to take a while to complete. Then again, I’m up for any challenge.

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