• "Luna, Luna, LUNA!!!" My mother called out. "WHAT!!??" I answerd. "It's time for school, wake up you lazy girl." "Fine." I tumbled out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I paused and look in the mirror, disgusted with what I saw I looked away. My mother walked passed the door,"Luna, for god's sake shut the damn door when you go!" I slammed the door in her face. I picked up my make-up and put on my face. I took my hair and styled it. When I was finished I looked at myself again, hated what i saw, and when downstairs.

    My dog keeped barking, I told him to shut up but he didn't listen, finally i hit him and he stopped. "First day of school!" My annoying sister shouted in my ear. Her name is May. My name is Luna. Luna Eclips. I am a thirteen year old school girl. I go to Bloomsburg Middle school and i hate it. My hair is brown and i have very dark brown eyes, almost black. I am tall and very shy and weird. "Yeah May it's the first day." I answerd. I couldn't help but think as i walked out the door that something was not right, but i forgot about it and got in the car.

    Half way to school and i was already thinking of the worst things that could happen, like my looking absolutly out of the ordinary. But thats who i was, I stood out and i liked it. My mother dropped me off and told me to have a good day, but that was impossible, it was the first day after all. I went into the school and saw one of my best friends. "Alice!" I cried. I ran to her and gave her a hug. She told me i looked fantastic, after all i did lose twenty pounds. I saw all of my other best friends and gave them all hugs. I went to my first period class, and i saw him. Ken his name was, i have been in love with him ever scence i saw him the first day of 6th grade. I hated 8th already, all new teachers, rooms and scheduals.

    "Hi, Luna" I didn't know the voice, i looked up. sure enough there he was. I stutterd "Uh h-hi Ken." "How was you're summer?" It was a disaster without you Ken, is what i wanted to say. "It was alright, not the best, but alright." "why was it just alright?" "well uh-i." I had no time, the bell rang. "Well gotta go, see ya around Luna." "By-Bye" Does he not realize that every time he walks passed me i almost fall on my knees overwhelmed? Or when we brush each others shoulders by mistake i almost faint? Can he not tell? I wrote this letter to him, i never actually sent it to him. Its called Girl In Pain: How do i say this? I am completely and madly in love with you! You are my soul, my being, and the center of my sadness. You have shot me down so many times, its simply pathetic. I have held my heart on my sleeve for you, i have givin you my heart, hoping it would not be broken in the process. However you did not just break it, you shattered it, you burned it, you did what was ever possible to break me down to tears and blood. Words cannot explain my feelings of sadness or love for you. I cannot change you're mind and i wouldn't if i could. I am not going to change for you, i don't expect you to change for me. I am just a plain girl in pain, what can i do? I love you with all my heart and always will, not matter what happens. Even though you have made up you're mind i still love you. I want you. Not him or him or that guy or the next. None of them, only you. You're different colored eyes are one of only many things i cannot love more about you. Those other girls, the don't love you the way i do. They love you for looks, you're money, body, and brains. Don't you get it? They are using you. I love you because you are who you are, not for anything like money or looks, but you. I only think of you!

    I made it through the first six periods, then came lunch. Last school year i was so afraid of being judged that i was to frightened to even dump my tray. I went to dump it almost paralizyed. "Did you guys see the new math teacher yet? Oh is he hot or what?" My Friend Talyor is kind of a slut. My group answerd yes of course, I was just trying to be a quiet as possible. "Hey Luna, you okay?" Asked my friend Sadie. "Huh? Oh its nothing Sadie, nothing important." "C'omon Luna, you can tell me." "Its about Ken, you don't want to hear it." "Luna, I am you're best friend, of course i wanna hear it!" "Well, today before the bell rang, he came up to me and started a conversation, I was like what the hell?" "Thats not like him at all, is it sadie?" "No, its not, im actually happy for you Luna!" I just looked at her in amazment. "What in god's name are you talking about?" "This could be you're big break with him Luna! You guys could get married and have two kids!" Sadie was not a reality thinker, if you couldn't already tell. I grabed her by the arms and shook her. "Are you insane??!" "There is nothing that will happen between us, he made it clear last year." "Alright Luna, god." I got through lunch, Then came 7th period. "So how was you're summer again Luna?" I looked up, frightened. "It was fine" I tried to remain as cool as possible. "So Ken, how was you're summer?" "Wonderful Luna, I met this girl. She was wonderful" I was thinking that he was a jerk and i was just sitting in math like i was his ragdoll, untill i saw his eyes get soft. "She WAS wonderful? What happened?" He looked at me, i saw tears come to his eyes, the bell rang an he whipped his eyes. The math teacher walked in, Taylor was right. He was hot! "Alright class." That was unique. "Today is a bit of a relax day, so why don't you talk quietly with eachother while i put you in the correct seats." It was as if he was talking to Ken and me, like he knew something was going on, which there wasn't.

    I sat in my seat with my head down, just thinking of him. Dare i look? I asked myself. No I couldn't why was i being so foolish? He will never love me. "Hi Luna." Damn, it was him again. "Hi Ken." I was not so scared this time to talk to him, i don't know why, but i liked feeling safe around him. "So where were we?" I had to bring up the subject. "The girl you met over the summer?" "Oh, yeah" "Well, as i was saying, we were getting along great, we were kissing an-" "Ken, thats more than i needed to know." He chuckled, so did i. "Well anyway, thats what we were doing and all of a sudden her big, and let me remind you, i mean strong guy, He picked me up and threw me in the river, i saw them talking." "Well what happened next?" "I went underwater, and when i came back up she was kissing him." I looked at him with soft eyes, when his heart breaks, so does mine. "Ken, im so sorry." I put my hand on his should in sympanthy, and quickly pulled away, when i realized what had just happened. "Okay everyone settle down now." Said the teacher. we were both still looking at eachother. It was like a trance. "Now just be a little more quiet, and you may still talk." I looked away. "So Luna, anything interesting happen this summer?" "Well my Mother found out she has been cancer free for a year." He punched my arm. "Hey thats great!" "I also lost twenty pounds." He looked at my body, i saw his mouth open a little. I was so imbarassed. "And, there is another thing, my best friend got taken away my child services." He looked very serious now. It kind of looked like he wanted to hug me, but he held back, i saw a tear in his eye. "Luna, I-I'm, so sorry." He put his hand of my shoulder. I almost feel to the floor. "Thanks." I replied. He took his hand off, the bell rang. He picked up his bag and walked away, i smelt his beautiful sent. I followed him, not knowing what my next class was. He lead me right to it. We had 5 classes together, just my luck. I love him and all, but im scared of him. I fear sitting next to him in class. Im scared to get up. Im scared to breathe. Im scared to think.

    It was the end of the school day, I thanked mother nature for letting school be out. Thats another think i don't believe in God. He has done nothing to prove he is real. I walked to the elementary school with my best friend of all time, Fran. Fran was very beautiful, skinny, and a guys dream, but yet they have cause her so much pain. As we were walking we were talking of course. "Luna, you know Ken likes you, why don't you go for it?" "Fran, you know I don't stand a chance against the snobs." "Luna you always underestimate you're self." "Well you have no reason to, I mean look at me, I don't know how people stand to look at me. But i knew Fran was right. I always have put myself down, ever scence the 6th grade, I had asked Ken out then. Well, I really didn't do it my friend did, I was to scared. "Anyway Luna, you need to start loving you're self, before someone can love you." She handed me a book. "This helped me out alot with that whole ordeal with Nat." "Im sure it will help you." "Wow Fran, I didnt know you read!" "Thats not funny." But i saw her smile, then we both laughed. "Just give it a look, maybe it will help you figure things out." She walked away, I was reading while walking so I would not feel alone when I walked.

    I was almost to the school to pick up my sister, when I started to feel more aware of everything around me. I felt like someone was watching me, or someone was right next to me, unknown. I tried to ignore it, but it just came back and back and back. I finally stopped and look up from my book i was reading. I could have sworn i saw someone in a green gown, but i closed my eyes and she was gone. I sat down on the step and waited reading the book. The book just had a bunch of poems at first but then actual stories. When people are in pain, i tend to feel it. I have been able to do that from when i was 10 years young. I have always been able to feel there sadness, depression, happiness, madness and others. I heard the bell ring for the parents or students to come pick up there siblings or children, I walked over to my sisters class and waited for her to come out. While i waited i heard a noise, it was faint but i heard it. "Luna." It called out. I took in a deep breath, and closed my eyes, and when they were open, I saw something. "Hello luna, my name is Yuma." I looked around everyone else was there, everything was normal, but then everything seemed to slow down. And eventually, everything stopped. I know this women, i have learned about her, she is the goddess of time and space. "Yuma? The goddes?" "In the flesh." She stated. But this women was different from the one I saw earlier. She was wearing a pure black dress, her hair was black and went down to her hips, her eyes were a very dark brown, but not black. "Listin to me Luna, everything with you're love life will end up not turning out the way you planned, but i assure you, you will be happy." "What do you mean?" "Just don't listin to the girl in the green gown." "But wait, how do you know about her?" "I have my ways." She looked away troubled, like someone was timing her. Then she smiled a smile that sent a coldness throughout my entier beinging. "Just rememeber what i told you." Then she went away as fast as she appered. I picked up my sister and didnt mention a word to anyone about it.

    I went to bed, worried, scared, and wide-eyed. I could not sleep. That women in the black gown was Yuma, i couldnt believe it. When I get scared i normally sing aloud or talk aloud. "I wonder if i will see that women in the green gown next time i go to the elementary school." I couldn't stand the thought of what was going to happen when she appears. "I also wonder why she warned me about her, and how she knew i saw her that day." I picked up my book and started to read. Reading helps me sleep. I shortly got very sleepy and almost drifted off to sleep while holding the book. I put the book down and turned off the light. Then turned it right back on. "Luna.." "Who-whos there?" No response. "Who is there!" I demanded. My window opened then shut. I became very frightened. I tried to meditate and then read. That worked like a charm. I was out like a light before I knew it. I awoke at the same time the previous morning. Three a.m.. I hated waking up at three a.m. because that time is known to be when a lot of psychic phenomena tends to peak. I awoke and saw a women in a green gown. I got the feeling that she was my friend. "Hello Luna, I am Yui." I know Yui, she is from my world geography book. She is mother nature. Everyone said we look very similar. "Yui..Mother nature?" "Correct." "Oh no, im not falling for this, Yuma warned me about you." "Yuma?" She answered coldly. "Oh no." I heard her say softly. "Listin to me Luna, Yuma is wrong don't listin to her. you saw the way she dressed. Did she not bring you chills? She is my evil other. There is also another, we are the Triple Sisters. "The Triple Sisters? I have heard of you, Yuma, Yui, and Yua." "Correct" She stated. "But what does this mean Yui? Does it mean that you are the Goddess of nature, Yua is the goddess of the heavens and wisdom, and Yuma is the Goddess of time and space?" She nodded. I was still not sure if I was to believe Yuma or Yui. "Me and Yuma have both seen you as something special. She always tries to take something special away without consideration. I, unlike Yuma am kind and gental. "I have to go now Luna, please consider what I have told you." "But Yui Wait!" It was to late, she was already gone.

    I was still sitting up in my bed an hour later. Still wondering what had happened. Of course I could not sleep. I tired reading, but I was shaking to much to even turn off the light. I tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't. It was half passed five, I had to wake up at six. So i assumed i would not get back to sleep, and even if i did it wouldn't help. So I got up and started to get ready for school. It was only the second day of school, and so much has happened already. I was very hyper, not knowing why. I started to get a bit slower, and slower and slower. Pretty soon I stopped moving. I had no idea how I knew I stopped breathing. I eventually broke out of it, then I saw Yuma. "Yuma, you b***h!" I walked to her fast and hit her. I wish i had not. Her eyes turned white, then an immediate black. "What did you do that for you little runt?" "You lied you evil other!" She dissapeared. "Where are you?" I felt a little wind. Then i felt a cold hand on the back of my neck. "Right here." She picked me up by the back of my neck, then threw me across the room. I landed in my dresser. I layed motionless, lifeless. I had no idea what i had gotten myself into. "Little bitchs, they never learn." "Just what do you want Yuma? I have school in a few, lets make this quick." She took a step. I showed no weakness. I clenched my fists, as in a notion to fight. But i knew i did not stand a chance. I had not though she would fight me. She came closer and she had her hand in my face. But someone stopped her. "Yuma, what on earth do you think you're doing?" "Listin Yua." "I have no intention on hearing what you were about to do to Luna." It was Yua, the goddess of the heavens and wisdom. "Miss Yua?" Please dear, call me Yua." "Yua, i was the one who threw the first punch, don't blame Yuma." She let go of Yuma's hand and took ahold of mine. "Listin Luna, she had no right to come here before you're big day, and im proud that you hit her she needed to be taught a lesson. I'm just happy that you did it." Big day was all i could hang onto. "What do you mean big day Yua?" Her smile faded. I knew right then and there, she had said to much. Nothing, I never said anything about a big day." Well we have to be leaving now, untill next time Luna!" "But Yua!" It was to late.

    May woke up. "Luna what happened?" "Nothing important, now get up its time for school." "No!" She replied. I was still angry from Yuma hurting me. I picked up my little sister and i threw her on the floor. "What the hell Luna!?" "I said get up." I looked at the dresser, it was fixed. I'm guessing Yua or Yui made Yuma fix it with her abilities. I was very scared and worried. I had no idea why i had picked her up. I got dressed in my favorite outfit, skinnys and a tight shirt, the shirt was green and the skinnys where the color of normal jeans. I picked up my red toothbrush and brushed. Then after i was done with that, i tried to meditate. I felt very peaceful. All of a sudden when i was picturing me in a forest, i saw this beam of light and then a stranger appeared. He held out his hand and i took it. I looked into his beautiful eyes and i felt like i had melted. We just kept staring at eachother. I could not look away. "Luna." He said. I did not know his name. "I'm sorry, i don't know you're name sir." He got closer. "It's okay Luna, you don't have to." Our lips getting closer. He put his arm around me. Closer and closer they had gotten. "Luna, wake up." I opened my eyes, with anger. "Get up Luna, time to leave." "Okay." I wonder what she ment by my big day.

    I got up from my bed, a little dizzy. I got my bag, it is green with a moon on it. It is very beautiful. "Come now Luna, time for school." "Okay mom." I got into the van. The car drive seemed like the shortest one out of all the car rides I have taken. I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek. "Love you." I said, she said she loves me no matter what. I walked up the steps to that prison. Whenever i walked in that school it felt like i had shackles on my arms and legs. I saw my friends, they talked about the lastest things, which they knew i did not care for. Thats why they talked to eachother and not me about that. I just kept thinking about what she ment by my big day. I knew it was today, but i had no idea when it was ment to take place. First period was a pain in the butt. I already hated that teacher, he didnt fit well with me. Something strange about him. "Okay class, we have a new student today." "Sir, would you please enter the classroom." He walked, gracefuly. A very beautiful person. I reconized him. He was the boy from my meditation dream eairler! "Class, this is Echo." Such a beautiful name for a beautiful boy. The class replied with a dreadful hello. He had to sit right next to me, no other seats left. I got chills when he walked passed me. "Hello Luna." He started to talk to me. "How do you know my name? "I have my ways, and also, you're wearing a name tag." "Oh." I laughed, so did Echo. "So Echo, I really love you're name. Its very original." "Why thank you very much Luna, I love yours also." "Thanks." He has blue eyes, that sparkel. He has a fantastic smile. I feel very safe around him, like he is a protector of some sort. He was very open to me. "So where did you move from Echo?" "Well my dad got tired of the woods and the forest, so we moved here." "You're dad doesn't like to be in the wilderness does he?" "Not in the least." "I for one love the forest, its very calming." Me too." I stated. "Okay class settle down now, we have to get onto writing and reading." "I think Mr. Berktam hates his job." Echo whispered. I nodded in a reply and smiled.

    It was lunch and I was sitting in my normal spot as usual. It was my spot and no one else's. I sat with Sadie, Fran, Taylor and many more. We had the crapy lunch we always do. There was an open seat right across from me. "Hey, mind if I sit here with you Luna?" I looked up, expecting Echo. It was Ken. I was late in reply, then Echo came and they started to fight. "I asked for it first Echo, why don't you go back to the woods and play with fire?" "I have a better idea Ken, why don't you go take a shower?" I saw Ken's hand clench. I new i had to stop it. I stood up from my seat. "Alright thats enough." "Its a seat you bunch of babies, get the hell over it!" They looked at me in astonishment. "Look Luna." "Ken, Im not in the mood to hear you're crap okay." "Hey Luna." I looked at Echo, a cold stare. He said no more. "Ken, there is no reason that you need to pick on the new kid." "Echo you may sit with us." "Luna, you harldy know this guy." I know him more than i know you!" "Why can't you sit with you're friends?" "We had a fight, I don't want to face them. I saw an empty chair. I pointed to it. "Sit." "Thanks Luna." He stated