• It was the nicest thing I ever saw there were no doors from the kitchen to the living room. There were beautiful glass doors leading to a living room with two red couches and a matching chair. Next to a rocker was a very small lit fireplace. The hearth was made of wonderful marble stones. The fireplace looked inviting but I'm soaking wet, and already a puddle at my feet and mud on the floor. Next to the front door was a closet. Jack opened put his coat on a hanger.
    "My sister is at after school and my mother is at work." he explained. He seemed completely oblivious to the swamp that lay beneath me. I looked down at the puddle so that my hair curtained my face again.
    "Sorry about the mess." I apologized. I frowned at the puddle still behind my curtain of hair. Jack had apparently gotten a towel that looked worn down and ready to be thrown away, because he started mopping up the mess. He finished and I said sorry again. I came out of my curtain and pushed a loose strand away from my face.
    "It's ok my mom was about to throw this away. Why don't you go sit by the fire? I'm going to get something to eat." he told me
    "Sure." I said walking forth toward the fireplace. I sat on the smooth warm granite it was warm but not hot. My dress was still soaked so I tried my best to wring it out, without staining their white carpet with mud. I gave up after a few seconds.
    "You want anything?" he called from the kitchen.
    "Umm." I started I was going to say no but my stomach growled loud enough for both of us to hear.
    "I'll take that as a yes." he put his head around the corner to smile. His teeth flashed for a moment in the light from the living room. This house was cozy and nice. There was even an upstairs to the small cottage. I wonder how they fit all this room into this tiny cottage. I shrugged to myself and then lie down on the granite my head resting towards the rocker on the left side of the tiny fire. I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I was asleep.
    In my dream I was roaming around a stone corridor looking for something when something tapped my shoulder. In the dream I screamed my voice reverberating off the walls. I didn't want to turn around but I did. And then I shrieked again. This time because it had been a horrible face the nastiest face I'd ever seen. It was wrinkled not like a grandpa wrinkle but fold of skin overlapping his face. His eyes were cover in skin. The pudgy little mouth was pale, pale pink. There didn't seem to be a nose. And then I woke up. Jack hovering over me shaking my shoulders and the buzzing began.
    "Stop talking please!" I almost yelled. I closed my eyes defeated by the dream. Jack slowly walked backwards.
    "Why were you screaming and yelling?" he asked looking quite disturbed
    'It was nothing just a bad dream." I answered with my eyes closed. I made my body not as tense and feel limp. So I could brush off the dream.
    "Do you guys have a tree house or something?" I asked opening my eyes and sitting up. I looked at the fire.
    "Yeah we do it's in the back. Why?" he asked so many questions. So do I but mine matter. I sighed and stood up.
    "Because I like sleeping in trees it would be nice not to have nightmares in a calm house. Please show it to me." I asked closing my eyes for a few seconds. I opened them and heard a small click the door was unlocked. Jack turned the knob and pushed the door open. He walked off the porch onto the dry back yard. It was dry because the trees canopied overhead. After we got through the first layer of thin trees I saw the tree house. It was huge and it had a rope ladder leading up. The tree was even taller than the twisted tree back at her forest home. She gaped at the big tree; the house part was at the middle of the tree.
    “There are a lot of things up there. It’s basically a home in a tree. Not just some kids hideout.” He said shrugging back to the house. I followed in a better mood. I plodded up the steps quickly and followed him inside.