i fell from heights unknown...bangs and booms from guns rang out from up above and below me.i still fell for 1 whole minute, my body was in the air.i had the butterfly feeling all the way down....well, that and what felt like my body cutting from bullets.

    SPLAT!slamed right to the concrete of a road.the lights of street lights covered my body.almost 10 police officers walked up, guns aimed on me.i looked at my hands, my body was reforming.

    darkness ozzed all over my body, bullets popped out of my body, and wounds were sealed up.i thought of nothing else to do.there were no choices.i was a murderer.with victem counts in the 40s.what else would they do with me besides put me in jail for deathrow.cause i've already saw the man with the flashlight write down my name.leon luther.well now its changed to leon black.