• Chapter 3

    “WHAT?!” More screaming woke me up. I got up from my bed and went under it. As I suspected, the sound was coming from the vent. “I HAVE TO LIVE HERE?” It was the same voice I heard yelling in the hall yesterday. But, before I could listen anymore, I heard a knock on my door and then the sliding of locks; I quickly sat back on my bed. Mr. Hael came into my room.
    “Cecile, I heard you didn't eat yesterday.” I felt him stare holes into me; I didn't answer. “We need you to eat, Cecile. You'll be of no use if you don't.” I took a deep breath.
    “The food was poisoned.” I looked straight at him with no emotion.
    “Oh no, no, no, no, no! None of the staff would poison any of the food!” The look on his face gave me proof that he wasn't telling a lie.
    “Do you know of my visions, Mr. Hael?” I sat perfectly still with my hands in my lap. “I had one last night of the food. When I took a bite, I fell to the floor with my hands around my throat.” I knew my eyes were tinted with anger.
    “Cecile, it's what we cook the food with that made you do that. Our food has a few genetically modifying solutions in it. They're part of the medicine to help make everyone stronger.” Although I was wrong about that, it was still right for me to be furious.
    “I had never agreed to help you and yet you still put additives in my food?” I knew I was wrong; I had no choice but to help him the moment I stepped into the building.
    “Cecile, you have no choice but to help. You can't leave the building anymore and we have a contract with the government that says I have permission to keep you here.” A look of concern past through his eyes. “Are you, perhaps, resisting because you're lonely, Cecile?” Now that was completely wrong.
    “I'm not lonely at all, and if I even was, it'd only be because Alana's not here.” He placed a hand on my shoulder.
    “There's a new girl next door, I'll let you two meet later today. How about you get some breakfast?” He gestured to the door.
    “It's not going to be modified, is it?” I tried to keep my eyes on his face but he kept moving around.
    “Oh no! Of course not!” I followed him out the room. I better get to know the space outside my room if I'm hoping to escape anytime soon. He took a left turn when we got out of my room; at the end of the hall was a big glass dome. There were people walking from the buffets to their tables and back up to get more food. Over on the left side, I saw a table with a girl sitting alone eating a sandwich. She had short curly red hair and freckles all over her face; she looked a few years older than I was. Mr. Hael led me over to that table.
    “Hello, Kristine, this is Cecile, your next door neighbor.” She looked up and grinned at me.
    “Nice to meet you, kid.” She shot me another toothy grin and went back to eating.
    “Now, Cecile, none of the food here will be modified. Each vegetable; each piece of meat are organic and grown locally. Please, eat as much as you want. I'll get you two a pitcher of water.” He walked off through the door marked 'Employees only' for the water and I walked towards the salad bar. I got a premade Caesar salad and headed back to Kristine's table. I felt a bit relieved that there was someone else to keep me sane, but accounting from the ruckus she made yesterday, I don't know how much help she'll be.
    “So, Kristine, tell me about yourself.” I said as I sat down.
    “Well, I'm the star player on my school's soccer team and I can beat every guy in my school at basketball.” Her grin came back to her face. “I'm 12, how about you, short stuff? You sound like you're 15.” I looked up from my plate and saw her picking out a pickle from her sandwich.
    “I'm 8, but I was raised to talk like this. I knew how to talk and write when I was 1.” She looked at me with a surprised look; I started to pick at my salad.
    “Whoa! That's awesome! I wish I was raised to be smart, but I don't think I could have taken sitting in a seat all day. I love moving. I think that's the reason why I'm so good at sports. I just always have so much energy all the time that it's hard for me to get to sleep sometimes.” Oh great, a hyperactive freak. She fits in perfectly here. But what am I saying? I can see the future.
    “I see, did your parents let you come here?” I continued to talk, in order to for a friendship of some sort in hopes to get out of this place.
    “Oh course they did! They told my parents that I was going to train with a national team! They lied; I don't see anyone even capable of running 10 feet.” She looked around the room. “Oh hey! That Mr. Hael guy is coming back with our water.” I looked over with her and saw him coming back with two cups and a pitcher of water that seemed to sparkle with the light that flowed in through the glass walls.
    “Hello, hello! It's nice to see you two getting along. How's the food, Cecile?” He looked down at me with a smile.
    “It's okay.” I said as I stuffed some salad in my mouth.
    “Well, I hope both of you are thirsty because I brought you guys some ice cold water.” He poured us some in a tall glass. We waited until he was gone to take a long drink from our glasses.
    “I haven't drunk anything for almost a day now.” I told her as I drank the last of my water.
    “Same, I was too angry yesterday to eat anything.” Then, all of a sudden, my throat started feeling warm.
    “Kristine, is it just me or do you have a warm feeling in your throat?” She touched her neck.
    “My neck's cool, but my throat feels like it's burning.” she said between pants. “It's starting to hurt.” She clutched her throat tighter. “Ahhh! Cecile! Help!” I saw tears coming down her eyes as I felt piercing pain in my throat. I tried to scream a few words but nothing came out. Kristine fell to the ground shortly before I blacked out.