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    Hi. I'm Lucian. Don't ask me for my last name, because I won't tell you. I'm a teenager in a fix.
    Well, first off, let me recap everything for you as best as I can.

    In the first chapter, I was hit by a truck. How did I come about that? Well, I yelled at my teacher for calling me Luci, called him... OMG! My memory!... sorry... Okay, then I got grounded, was forced to walk home (my brother, Canida, walked home with me) and Canida walked into the road while the sign said 'No Walking' and nearly got hit by a truck. I pushed him out of the way and got hit instead. I woke up in another body where EVERYONE in the frickin' room knew my name.

    The last chapter was more of a flashback chapter. I talked to Aaron, a boy who wields a Solar Gun, a Terrenial named Toasy and a cat that can talk named Nero. I told them that their Lucian was in my body and Aaron started calling me 'Lu'. I'm really upset at that.

    So, anyways, enough with the recaps. My memory's going, seriously.


    I woke up the next day to the morning light. I remembered last night's arguments and sighed. Boy, was Aaron gonna be mad. I looked over at the other bed, which was still occupied. Yawning, I got out of bed and shook my head before heading towards the door and opening it as silently as I could. It squeaked and I jumped, but all Aaron did was moan and turn over. I sighed and headed out the door.

    "Good to see you're up, Lucian. That boy was worried about you." The innkeeper said. I sighed.
    "I ticked him off last night. If he asks, you didn't see me, all right?" I said, trying to keep my voice casual.
    "Okay... but-"
    "I said no." And with that, I left.


    I woke up to Toasty shouting about how Lu was gone. Sitting up quickly, I looked at the bed she had occupied. Nero was above her bed.
    “Where did Lu go, Nero?” I asked the cat. Nero yawned.
    “Meow? Oh, Lucian’s gone.” Nero looked sadly at the bed. I guess he liked Lu’s company, since she petted him until he fell asleep last night. I think he was purring.
    “We’ve gotta find her!” I shouted, jumping out of bed. I showered, dressed and headed out.
    “Did you see Lucian come by here?” I asked the innkeeper. He shook his head.
    “No, but I did see something go by a while ago like a flash.” He said. I sighed.
    “Lu, wait for us!”


    I looked at the sky. Surely this was fate? To leave and never return? Looking behind me, I sighed again. I was hopeless. I would never see my family again.
    I took out the sword I had on my back and started hacking my way through the monsters. My body knew the moves. I knew the moves. It was like a dream. The dream I have had for so long.
    I smiled to myself as I went through my last hoard of monsters. This was getting better and better. I could feel myself becoming stronger, but this wasn’t my body. I might be happy, but what about the other Lucian? Was he happy?
    I sighed, sat down and took out a small package in the coat I was wearing. Technically, everything on Lucian’s body was mine, but I decided to think of it as his still. I know, I’m strange, but I don’t care.
    I snacked on the food in the package I had and then tossed the package, since it was empty.
    “Lu! Wait!!” Aaron’s voice startled me, so I turned around.
    “Aaron? Why are you following me? You know I’m not your Lucian, right?”
    “Yeah… but I want to help. We all want to help.”
    I sighed. “Fine. Let’s go.”

    And so, with Aaron, Nero and Toasty behind me, I set off on a journey to return to my world.


    A/N: This will be the last chapter until Camp Chaos is over. Please be patient in waiting. Sorry it's so short, but I'm busy with other things.