• twisted The Mysterious Flower Field twisted

    “Mary Wilson reported missing!” Jack McBride was saying on the morning news.
    It was a legend that if you pick the white roses in the Galmat City Flower Field that Rose White would pull you under into her underground lair where her ghost hides. Rose White was the one who planted those flowers and she protected them with all of her life. She wasn't always mean, she let children by her flowers as long as they did not hurt them. One day Tommy Jonson's mom called the flower killing service to kill the white roses because little Tommy got stung 9 times by the bees. The flower killers came with one shot left there poison flower killing gas. Sure enough Rose protected her flowers. She jumped right in front of the deadly gas yelling “No!” with all of her heart. She died that day glad to know that her flowers were safe. Then she thought, what if someone tried picking her flowers? So she decided that when someone tried to pick her flower she could just pull them down to her lair so her flowers could be safe.
    Mary was new to the city. She moved in 4 houses down from me. When she finished unpacking she decided to go down to the flower field (she had no clue about the legend). She was just about to go home with all of her flowers. She had grabbed at least 1 of each flower (except the white rose of course). When she saw the most beautiful flower... the white rose. She ran all the way across the field to grab a few. Just as she was about to grab some of them she felt something grab her ankle. It was Rose. Mary was so scared she couldn't even scream.
    Mary's mom and dad knew that Mary went to go to pick some flowers but now it was getting late. Mary was told to be home by 6:00 o'clock PM. Now it was 11:00 o'clock PM. Mr. Wilson called 911 and was told that the police would be sent right over. 11:30 o'clock PM the police were already at the flower field. All that the police could say was “Rose.” in a sad voice.
    The police told the Wilson's about the legend of Rose White and that they were very sorry about the loss but nobody knew what to do about it. The Wilson's were devastated.
    The next day my best friend Cheyenne and I went down to investigate. Where Mary had stood the moment she was pulled under was a circle of dead grass. Cheyenne and I did some thing amazing we stood right were Mary was pulled under and we were fine! We were astounded! We thought Rose trusted us and knew we meant no harm and that we were not going to pick her wonderful flowers. Then we put our ears down on the ground right in the middle of the circle and what we heard was the most amazing thing. It was Mary Yelling “Hannah!!! Cheyenne!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She had just moved in and somehow she knew our name. But that was not the point. The point was we just heard Mary Wilson yelling to us and trying to get help!
    We ran home and called 911 then the Wilson's. The only people that we allowed by us when we went back down to the flower field were the police but even they had to keep a distance so that Rose wouldn't get mad. Once again we put our head down in the same spot but this time Rose spoke and said “Get away!” We told everybody what she said and we told them that she had said it in a very mad voice because she did. So the police told us to try again and that maybe we just heard wrong. So we did what the police demanded and this time Rose screeched “I warned you but now you shall pay!!!!!!!” Once again we told everyone what she had said. The police, the Wilson's, my family, Cheyenne's family, and all of the neighbors left right away. Cheyenne and I followed.
    I ended up staying at Cheyenne's house for the night. We stayed up all night trying to figure out what Rose had meant. Then it hit us! She had meant..............

    To be continued