• Roxas had just woken up when a dusk came up to him with a letter from Xemnas. After reading it he quickly put on his coat and ran to the top of the castle. Once he got there everyone was smiling and behind them was a door.

    He walked up to them and Xemnas said "Now I will begin. For years we have been searching for Kingdom Hearts. Now we have finally found it." He pointed at the door. " This is the entrance to Kingdom Hearts. I will now open the door."

    Xemnas opened the door and a great light shone from it. Inside Roxas saw a figure walking towards them. When the figure exited the door everyone could see it clearly.It was a tall man whose body was split in half, one half was black and the other was white.

    After looking at everyone the man spoke " You are the ones who found Kingdom Hearts?" Xemnas replied "Yes we are." The man spoke again "All of you?" Xemnas again replied "Yes." The man's next words shocked everybody "That is.... unfortunate. Only one may enter Kingdom Hearts with me. " Xemnas shouted "Then let me enter!" The man spoke again. "None who have seen me can live unless they join me in Kingdom Hearts."Xemnas, still shouting said "Then kill the rest of them!" "No!" It was the first word the man said without a calm expression, and perhaps the only."You must all have equal chances of joining me. You will all kill each other but not today. You will have 24 hours to prepare, after that come back here."

    Axel signaled Roxas to follow him. He led him to his room and spoke "We should work together on this. I know we will have to kill each other eventually but we should work together." He waited for Roxas to respond. Then finally Roxas said "Alright we'll work together." Then Axel faced the door and said "What do you want Demyx?" Demyx slowly entered the room and asked "Can I join you guys?" Axel responded by saying " You do know we will have to kill each other once the rest are gone, don't you?" Demyx then said " I know but I would rather be killed by you two than anyone else. Everyone else is creepy especially Vexen." Axel paused but Roxas said "Sure you can join us"Demyx smiled and walked to his room.

    Once the 24 hours had passed everyone gathered around the door. The man was there and he said" I know you all have made groups so get in them now" Axel, Roxas and Demyx got together, then Saix and Xemnas, third was Marluxia and Larxene, fourth was Zexion, lexaeus, and Vexen, finally was Luxord, Xaldin and Xigbar. The man spoke I will be sending you all to a world I have created. There are people there, I do not care what you do with them as long as you don't kill them off.