• As Minoru drove into the parking lot of his apartment, he stared thinking, why is this happening to me? Why is she doing this? As he showed her to his door, he theorized that she was a daemon to aveng something he had done.
    "You have a beautiful place," Tsukasa mentions,"Your furniture is so nice."
    Izuki is taken aback by this remark, and took a second to reply,"Thanks for the complement. So, this is where you are going to stay," and flourishes his arm to show Ryuugai where. He unfolds the large couch in his living room to make a small bed for her.
    She smiles cutely and walks over to the futon he set up for her. "If you may excuse me," she breathes, and tilts her head to the side.
    "Oh, sorry," he blushes and walks quickly into his room. This girl's beauty is tantalizing, he thinks, she's definitely nice, but she is not who she is. He starts to undress and redress into his sleepwear, then Tsukasa knocks on the door, making him jump. Fully clothed, he opens the door, and Ryuugai is standing there, wearing only a skimpy top and panties. Minoru turns completely red, and looks directly at her face.
    "Hi, just wanted to say goodnight!" Tsukasa whispers energetically, and hops off to her bed. Holy s**t, I didn't expect that! And Izuki stumbles over to his bed and lays down. Falling asleep with her in his thoughts, he dreams peacefully.

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