• I got off early and my mom come early to pick up Lucas. The sun was setting now and I didn't want for it to disapper. The dark brought darkness and darkness brought back memories of Ryan.
    Ryan. How are you doing? Do you have a girlfriend? Or do you miss me as much as miss you?...I thought crossing the street.
    Ryan was my true lover and my best friend. I lost two people who was in one male body at the same time. I didn't have a car so I had to walk home. It was across the bridge.
    I took in a deep breath and started for the bridge. I just had to walk two blocks. As I walk, I already felt tears in my eyes. Ryan, Ryan, why did you leave me?...I thought over and over. My head was down and tears were falling down my face.
    When I come to Broken Bridge, I stopped before stepping onto it. I fall to the ground. The stuff in my bag flew out of my bag. I was in pain from me falling just down like I did. I was laying down on the sidewalk, crying my eyes out.
    "Hey, are you ok?" a voice said.
    I looked up and saw the teen boy's blue eyes looking at me. He had a hat on which covered his curly blond hair. His face looked beautiful just like Ryan was. The teen boy and Ryan didn't look alike but this teen boy around me, felt like Ryan.
    I shook my head at the teen boy and sit up. I close into his body. I wrapped my arms around him. I need someone near me.
    The teen boy stood still. He was on his knee and he didn't move. He let me cry into him and he didn't say anything.
    "Ryan," I mumbled into his dark blue shirt.
    "It is going to be ok," he whrisped into my ear just like Ryan use to do.
    After a good 10 minutes, I was able to calm down a little and pulled away from the teen boy. He smiled at me. "Thank you," I said wepting my eyes.
    He kept looking into my eyes. "No problem. I knew Ryan. His best guy friend was my older brother," he said.
    "Than who was the another..."
    "My cousin."
    This teen boy acted older than he was. He was tall too. He looked like a adult. "O," I said.
    "You don't need to cry."
    "I know but..."
    "It hurts?"
    "Well, just try to enjoy your life."
    "Now, what is your name?"
    "Hello, Summer, I am Noah."
    "What is your name?"