• Hours later a bang resounded around Giselle’s cell, pulling her out of her daydreams. She opened one eye and looked over at the door. She heard the sounds of locks being unlocked and she sat up. What did they want now? She looked down at the brands that ran down her left arm. It hadn’t been a month yet, so why were they coming in?
    The door swung inward and Giselle stared at the door, she knew she would get in trouble if she tried to look out the doorway.
    “With all the others, you had to restrain them before I came in. Why is this one different?” came an unrecognizable voice.
    “You’ll see,” replied the guard.
    Giselle waited until the door slammed shut before looking at who had entered.
    He looked in his early twenties with short brown hair and calm brown eyes. A small, wary smile was set upon his thin lips. His face was open and heart shaped and his features were nestled perfectly. As he stood, he was about 5’8.
    Giselle narrowed her eyes and moved into the corner farthest from him. She brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, resting her head on her knees. She glared at the man but he just smiled back.
    “I can see why they wouldn’t have to restrain you,” he said.
    Giselle let out a silent hiss and bared her fangs, which had shrunk considerably since her imprisonment. The man flinched slightly and Giselle let out a soundless laugh. The man raised an eyebrow and walked towards her. Giselle froze as he got closer. When he sat on the edge of her bed she closed her eyes and braised herself. This was usually how it started, calm with slow moments, until they grabbed her and knocked her out. She would wake up hours later with a new, bright red, burning brand on her arm.
    “I’m not going to hurt you,” he said.
    Giselle shook her head. Of course he wasn’t.
    “I promise. I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to talk.”
    Giselle didn’t move.
    “I’m a doctor. I’m here to make sure that they haven’t severely hurt you, mentally or physically.”
    Giselle laughed silently. It was too late. The ‘doctor’ didn’t say anything. Giselle kept her eyes shut and waited. Time passed, minute by minute; until Giselle was certain that at least a half hour had gone by. She opened one eye to see the ‘doctor’ sitting on the floor, back to the wall. He was looking at her with a simple expression, the small smile still present on his lips. The wariness had disappeared though.
    There was no reason for it to have stayed, Giselle wasn’t a threat and she knew it. Hell, everyone knew that.
    “So, are you going to talk?” ‘doctor’ asked.
    Giselle blinked and the ‘doctor stood up.
    “My name’s Chris,” he said. “Chris Dochay.”
    Giselle was silent.
    “I really am a doctor.”
    Giselle nodded once.
    “I was born in Toronto, Ontario, but I live here in Montréal.”
    Giselle sat up and stretched her arms in front of her.
    “I am single with a pet dog. Her name is Jess and she’s a blonde lab.”
    Giselle crossed her legs and placed her hands on her knees. Chris scratched the side of his neck.
    “I can see that you’re not going to talk, are you?”
    Giselle shook her head slowly.
    Chris shrugged one shoulder and smiled.
    “That’s alright. We can try again tomorrow.”
    Before Giselle could comprehend his words, Chris was gone.