• There once, in the biggest war men has ever known, was a big white wolf, a male named Ash. He had deep blue eyes, and a soft fur. He worked for Semico, the Lord of Darkness, a cruel, coldhearted man, on his journey to rule worlds and kill his enemies and other innocent people, trying to stop him. Ash, altough he worked for him, was a nice wolf, friendly. His one wish was not to die, the reason why he worked for the Lord of Darkness. The Lord told him that if he did not helped him, he would kill him, slowly and painful. Ash got the task to find the keeper of the Amulet, the strongest and most famous weapon of all the time, it had the power to kill people whenever the keeper of it have saw them, the Lord of Darkness knew that the Amulet his biggest enemie was, and if he had the Amulet, no one could stop him anymore.

    Ash walked trough the big, dark forest. He knew the keeper of the Amulet should be here, in the forest. He heard birds singing, the waves of the ocean miles away from the forest. His ears were magnificent, he head every single sound. Suddenly he heard a soft, cute sound. The sound of a little girl, softly singing a song. Ash stood still, and looked around him, when he finally found something that cathed his eye. Indeed, a little girl. Brown, long hair, walking around. She didn't looked scared in the big forest, probably heared all the stories about monsters wandering around here. Ash looked at her, he didn't expected her to wear the Amulet, but he would never know. Then he saw something, wich amazed him. Around the girl her neck was a necklace. With a big amulet on it. The Amulet. Ash looked at her for a few more seconds. Amazed. How could a little, innocent girl be the keeper of the Amulet? Ash said the words of the Lord of Darkness to himself. He didn't wanted to die, absolutely not. He grabbed his chance. He quickly ran to the girl, who had noticed the big wolf. She screamed for a second, but it did not sounded scared, it sounded innocent, but still strong, like a warning. Ash ignored the scream, ready to jump and push her to the ground. The Lord wanted Ash to grab the Amulet, and bring him the keeper of it alive. But before Ash could jump, he got throwded down to the ground, by something. He closed his eyes because of the pain going through his body. When he opened his eyes again, he saw the girl, looking at him, with floating water next to her. He didn't believed it. After all those years of killing all benders. there still was one. A little waterbender. He stood up, quickly, looking at the girl. He now knew she was powerful, powerful enough to even kill him. Ash was scared and amezed at the same time, making a decision of getting killed by a girl, or a cruel Lord.
    The girl stood in position to push Ash to the ground again, moving her hands, wich got followed by the clear water. "Wait," Ash said. The girl was not amazed by the fact he could talk. She probably saw more talking wolves in her live. "What? What do you want?" Her sweet voice said. "The amulet.. around you're neck.." Ash tried not to upset her. The girl looked a bit scared now, knowing the fact he wanted the amulet. "I won't give it to you! I know you will give it to the Lord of Darkness and after that kill me!" The girl said loudly, almost screaming, with tears in her eyes. She knew it. She knew Ash would bring her to the Lord. He looked in her green eyes, her sweet green eyes. He felt guilty without wanting it. He could not stand the fact that this little girl, maybe the last waterbender, the one who could save the world from evil, would be killed. The choise between good and evil was up to Ash. The decision was hard. Ash did not wanted the world to get ruled by the Lord, but he could not let his mission fail. The Lord could kill him, without even being in the same space as Ash. He told him that. "I.." The girl looked at him. "I don't want you to give me the Amulet." He said. The girl dropped the water, wich immediately got sucked up by the dry ground. "Then what do you want?"
    Ash thinked for a minute. He wanted to help the girl, but still, the decision was hard. He chose for Good to rule, without it the whole world would be doomed. Ash did not wanted to make that his fault. "I want to help you destroy the Lord of Darkness." The girl did not believed him, he knew it. Wich sounded perfectly reasonable. But the girl did believed him, she smiled. "Allright." Ash smiled too. Happy about the fact the girl believed him, he absolutely did not wanted her to not trust him. "I am Ivy." She said. Ivy. Poison. Her name fitted by her. A sweet blossom, with the poison in it. Kept secret, so you would not know. And every moment she could strike. "Ash." He said shortly. "Ash.." the girl repeated. "Like from a fire.." She looked at the ground. "I know you work for the Lord of Darkness, Ash.." Ash was amazed by her intelligence. "Indeed.. but.. The world shouldn't be ruled by a man obsessed by evil and darkness."
    Ivy smiled. "Indeed." She still looked at the ground. "I know where we need to go." She looked at Ash. Her eyes were dark. The sunlight at twilight shined on her face, leaving a mystic trace. She smiled. Wich still looked evil. It scared Ash a little. But he knew she wasn't evil.