• she looked up scared and hurt she cried out loud why did this have to happen to her.
    she had just gotten into a fight with her mother , her father had died 3 days ago.her mother had murdered him.She had seen her and kept quite about it.She hated her mother all she wanted was her father money.The girl slit her wrist.blood poured out of her wounds she screamed and ran outside.The rain stung her wrists as she ran into the woods.an hour later she sat on a log.Her black skirt was torn her white tank top was dirty and full of blood.The girl was weak.She had lost so much blood.She closed her eyes forever.as she floated away she saw images of a boy,a boy she loved ,a boy she never knew.Images of them together forever flashed in her vision.She smiled and flew away to start a new life away from this planet