• Stupid, can't you do anything right?
    We're half and hour late to the wedding!
    Get the hell out of here!
    Light wanted to jump out of the car, he noticed the gray clouds knowing that it will start to rain. Also knowing he would cry as well. His parents would never learn will they? Thats all he hears, those comments in his head. The ones that sting his heart enough to make him stop breathing. Making him think that everything was his fault. If a dog was hit by a car, he would assume it was his fault. At least that what his parents made him believe. As Light got home, he locked himself in his room. Staring at the blade that would slice his skin, but he knew he couldn't cut himself. That wasn't him. He decided to take pills instead, taking more then he needed. He waited for the affects to come, but they never came. So what was Light to do? But keep waiting until he finally met the angel of death. For she would save him from his pain. He decided to lay on the ground and count to a hundred. "1,2,3...88...97...100-". Light tried to get up, but he couldn't. The pain in his heart slowly went away and when he opened his eyes, he saw... what he believed to be the angel of death. Her voice was beautiful, but her eyes were filled with sadness. She spoke to him, "why let them to get you? Light your stronger than that, no matter what happens you must keep fighting and show them who you really are! That is why I'm choosing not to take your life away, and I also chose to watch over you." And like that the angel of death vanished. Light woke up and found a black feather, but it was too late the medicine had taken affect and the Light died like that. Angel of death, laughed bitterly, for she knew Light death would be a tale to tell all. Though inside she knew he would have lived to be a great person, but touching her black feather killed him. The family would think he died of an overdose, but they will never know. Too bad she thought... and flew off to her next victim.