• "Good morning! how'd you slept?" Mabel asked
    "Fine, fine" Elvi replied as they made there way into the classroom. Elvi's attention immediately went to the boy sitting beside her chair, looking as heartachingly handsome. He turned and looked straight at her and smiled, her attention went to his lips, the lips that kissed her senseless. She shook her head and walked to her seat just as the teacher came in the room.

    Swimming class (the school has just found a teacher)
    Elvi's mind -

    The girls who keep following Vincent are at the side, giggling as they try to imagine what he might look like bare-chested. Elvi smiled, she knew Vincent had a nice chest. She felt it when he kissed her. Girls gasped and Elvi gulped at the sight that met her eyes. Vincent bare-chested. He has a chest of a god! and oh... hes so handsome! i swear the swimming teacher looked at him longer than necessary, and shes over 30!

    Swimming class (as you already know)
    Vinny's mind (yes Vinny) -

    Vinny- i mean Vincent walked out and saw Elvi, his groin throbbed at the sight of her. the school swimsuit hugged her body like a second skin! 'oh god, i can barely walk' Vincent thought, the sight of her in a flimsy swimsuit was enough to make a good man do sins. He started thinking about kissing her, touching her...'stop!' he thought, 'im gonna embarrass myself if i kept this up!' he thought again and tried to hide his raging erection, and promptly dived into the ice cold pool.

    Later that afternoon. He went home only to find the house smell like dog poop and half a dozen puppies running in the hall and shouted "BASTIEN!"

    Vincent stared at his reflection "im gonna ask her" he said for the fifth time "whats wrong Vinny?" Bastien's head popped up from the door of the bathroom, Vincent vaguely heard the yapping puppies following his cousin and to the little brown fluffy one (probably drooling) puppy sitting next to his feet. "i'm gonna ask Elvi to prom" Vinny replied "And stop calling me Vinny!" He said, the puppy barked in agreement, Vincent sighed and picked him up while Bastien said "well, good luck with that" and retreated with five of the puppies following him like a mother hen.

    Bastien found a pregnant dog, apparently ownerless in the streets and decided to take her in, and at the same day, gave birth while Vincent was in school, (probably ogling Elvi's rear) Bastien decided to give the brown one to Vincent. Vincent and useless bonded together since then (yes, useless. Vincent couldn't find a name for him, and it was the only name the dog responds to) "C'mon useless, were goin' to bed" Vincent said while picking the dog up in his arms cradling him, and the dog yipped and promptly yawned and nestled himself comfortably in Vincent's arms.

    Elvi's house

    Elvi woke up drenched in sweat and gasping for air as the familiar walls of her room came to view. 'Just a dream' she thought. She used to have nightmares about her parent's death each night but now only once in a while, she sighed and got up and got ready for school.

    Vincent's mind -

    Vincent stood waiting for over an hour outside Elvi's classroom door. The teacher was sick today and he got a free period. The bell rang and students started leaving the classrooms, he straightened and looked around. He saw Elvi a few feet away, and walked towards her.
    He faced the startled Elvi and asked. "I know you might think this is totally lame but..."
    "Yes? What is it?" Elvi asked
    "Will you....uh...-" he stammered
    "Spit it out" She said
    "Go to prom with me?" Vincent waited for the rejection and held his breathe.
    Elvi opened her mouth and was abruptly pushed aside by a cheerleader and the cheerleader said "Of course I'll go out with you"
    "i was asking-" Vincent started to say.
    "Me, Right?" the cheerleader said innocently and turned to Elvi as if daring her.
    "No" Vincent said. firmly, only a fool cant hear the seriousness in his voice.
    The cheerleader backed away. He then turned to Elvi and asked.
    "Will you?" he asked again
    Elvi smiled "sure"
    Vincent was blind with happiness. He whistled as he got home,
    Useless ran toward him, his tongue flagging at the side of his mouth. Vincent smiled widely, and picked him up and thought 'what does a puppy usually eat'......oh well McDonalds might be the answer. He then got hit with an idea and he grinned and set the puppy down and ran inside shouting "Bastien!" the puppy yapping behind him, struggling to catch up.