• A dreamer’s fate
    As I ran my feet pounded into the ground. I ran faster and faster with every step but they just came at me faster than I could run. As I ran I caught glimpses of their bodies. They could run much faster and easily catch me so why are they holding back or are they just toying with me. I saw our encampment just ahead and charged forwards only a hundred miles to go. As they realised I was almost out of their grasp they charged forwards. I only had one option still with twenty five miles to go I jumped and prayed. I flew through the air my body lighter than a feather I reached out to grab the wall. Their panting was right in my ear now I knew they would catch me before I reached the wall I had only travelled ten miles before I started my descent if I didn’t reach the wall before I hit the ground I knew I would be done for. I turned and drew my gun I fired several shots into the hairy beasts but they kept on coming. So they are immune to guns. I threw the gun at one of the beasts and drew my sword. I approached the ground and prepared to fight what I knew was an inevitable battle and with that battle my death. I charged forwards into the beasts just as my foot hit the floor one thought lingered in my mind. If I am going to die so are they. I realised that I had missed before I even attacked their speed and agility outranked mine. To them I am the ant and they are the child with the magnifying glass. Horns blared in the distance aid is coming but would they get here in time more of them are coming and the more of them there are the less of us there will be. I did all I could to stop these beasts from overrunning me and causing them to charge towards the unexpecting soldiers now coming to my aid. I saw then what frightened me most. The shadows were lengthening the sun was going down and that means he can come out I knew I would have to do this on my own. The soldiers even with their numbers wouldn’t be able to do this on their own. I took many injures and could hardly fight, the soldiers are too far away to help me i realised i was going to die. I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst but nothing happened. I slowly opened my eyes to see the most beautiful woman i had ever seen but something was not right about her. Her skin was pure white, her hair was so long it touched the floor but the most per curious thing was the sword she held. It seemed to be coming right out of her arm as if she had no hand to hold it and in addition to this it had no guard, no handle just the blade I then caught a glimpse of her hand. In it was held the thinnest piece of metal, or at least I thought it was metal, I had ever seen surely that wouldn’t be able to support the blade, it was twice as long as the handle and not to mention much wider. She turned to me and then the sun went down it was pitch black but this woman seemed to glow then she flickered and disappeared. I slowly climbed to my feet. The thudding sound behind me confirmed what I already knew he had come out of his hiding I span round blade in hand as I lifted it ready to fight I knew something was different. My blade had changed it was the one that the woman had I was sure of it the exact same one I then realised all my wounds had healed and I felt stronger and faster what was going on. He stopped before me and drew his blade, a long blade plastered in blood, the blood of my friends. I had faced him before but not alone how long would I be able to last against him would the soldiers get her in time to help? He swung straight down onto me. He was far too slow I just stepped out of the way. He swung again this time to the left and again it was far too slow I just stepped out the way. What was going on? He wouldn’t be toying with me would he? No he is far too simple minded to think of that. I decided to attack back show him that I wasn’t to be messed with. Before I had realised I had swung the sword blood was pouring onto the ground from a gash across his chest. He fell to one knee. I was more surprised than he was. I looked at the blade in my hand what had this woman given me. A sudden jolt in the ground shook me to my knees I looked around, more of him, five more this was suicide even if it was all the soldiers in the encampment they would only be able to take on one of him maybe two but not five. I then saw bright white lights approaching fast, it couldn’t be the soldiers there would be more lights to guide them. As the lights got closer and closer I realised they were the same as the woman I had seen before and sure enough there she was at the front with her hair floating behind her. They stopped and stood watching me only the woman whose blade I held continued towards me and ran to my side. I offered her the blade. Her voice was soft and gentle as a mother talking to her young, “keep it you need it more than I do.” She drew a knife from her side about half the size of the blade, but it could still do some damage in my hands so with her using it, it was as good as the blade in my hands. I asked her “why don’t the rest come” she smiled chuckling to herself then sighed, “It’s because they’re afraid.” That confused me even more, “so why aren’t you afraid?” and that really made her laugh. She looked at me, I saw right into her eyes, it was pale silver just like her hair, and whispered to me “because somehow I know I can trust you.” I stood there looking at her even more confused, and I must have looked it because she laughed again and said, “They’re not afraid of him, they’re afraid of you.” I looked back at the women standing and watching us they took a few steps backwards, I sighed “well we had better get this over with...” I looked back and all of the copies were on the floor dead, each in a pool of his own blood. “Ok... when exactly did that happen?” Then she really did laugh, it wasn’t a cruel laugh, in fact some ways it was warming just to listen to her laugh, it was a carefree laughter one I had not heard in a long time. After a while she stopped laughing but every time she looked at my face she couldn’t help but burst into fits of laughter. I grew impatient at her. I stabbed the blade into the ground and walked off towards the encampment.