• This poor, tortured soul without a purpose wanders carelessly into danger whereever it goes. It can no longer hide. It is hunted down and killed to satify the thurst of Death in its true form.
    That poor, tortured soul has risen again, to hunt down and destroy that which had hunted him before. When he finds Death, he is frozen in his path staring at the creature and pondering that which it can do. When that poor, tortured soul found what had seemed to be the creatures weakness, he went for it but was thrown aside as if he was a pebble.
    That soul was found days later, it was human again and could no longer see the creature that had done so much damage to him while he was a soul. That human now tries to find a way back to its old life to destroy that creature. Every night that human sleeps, it has a vision of the creature and all the destuction it has caused in the soul's absence from the spirit world.
    The creature appears in the dreams of the human every night to torture the soul that is in the human. Every night, the creature takes hold of the soul in the dream and cuts one symbol into its chest after the other. Every night brings another symbol. The symbols keep repeating one phrase and one phrase alone. "The night you are brought back to face me is the night you will die for good and I will devour your soul so that I may become the perfect creation and may dwell among the humans as you have and destroy every last one of them."
    The soul now realizes that to save the humans and the one he loves, that he must stay human and stay alive so the creature may never come after all the humans and the one human that the soul has fallen in love with. Before the soul sleeps every night, he mutters one sentence under his breath. "I love her, every day more and more, and every second I want to spend with her."