• Chapter 4; the Mission Begins with a slightly bad start

    I sigh. Tamiko notices that I look a little down.

    “Still worried about your father?” she asks.

    “Why shouldn’t I be? He was going to die a minute ago… and now…” I stammer.

    “Don’t you mean, three days ago?” Tamiko asks. I say nothing. I feel like I’m going to faint.

    “Have I eaten?” I ask.

    “No… I don’t think so. Why?” Tamiko asks.

    “Oh it’s just that I feel like I’m going to faint. Nothing wrong with that.” I reply sarcastically.

    “Ha, ha very funny. I’ll get you some food.” Tamiko says, storming out. I can’t help but smile. It’s so easy to make her and Queen Himoko do that. A few minutes later, Tamiko walks in. She is looking a little scared.

    “What’s wrong?” I ask.

    “Nothing.” She answers. I stare at her, ignoring the food. Eventually I cave in and turn my attention to bringing back my strength. I eat, and then look at Tamiko, but she isn’t there anymore. I try to get out of bed, but it’s no use. I am useless at the moment. I stare at a shadowy figure, and it is Orochi. I gulp.

    “Nice try pretty boy. Next time you pull off a trick like that, I’ll have you for an appetizer!” Orochi roars.

    “Pull off what?” I ask.

    “You summoned Amaterasu 100 years ago you twit!” Orochi roars. That’s right. Shiranui came after I said to him, ‘Yea, before it gets blown up! Even if the gods are taking a nap, they will defeat you Orochi. Even if Amaterasu isn’t as strong as she was, I have complete faith that she will defeat you, just like she did 100 years ago.’

    I stare into the eyes of Orochi. He stares back.

    “You have her don’t you?” I ask.

    “Who?” Orochi asks.

    “Tamiko.” I reply.

    “Tamiko…Tamiko…Tamiko… nope. Even if I had her, I would have already told you and demanded you say, ‘I wish darkness upon the world.’ Even though you are not the descendent of Nagi, your blood still could work. To be honest, I don’t know who has her.” Orochi says. I nod. I look down, and feel a little sad. … Yes, even I, after all the bad that has happened with me and relationships with a girl, fall in love more than once. I stare at a Tao trooper who comes in. he is gaping at the shadowy figure of Orochi. I roll my eyes.

    “It can’t hurt me, I am not in its presence.” I say.

    “I have been reduced down to it?!” Orochi roars at me.

    “For the time being, yes. I will explain in a different language.” I say. My mind switches from Japanese to French in a snap. (Yes, you readers will still be able to understand me.)

    “They don’t know that I created you, so they don’t know you’re a he, or a she, so they call you it because that is genderless.” I say.

    “That makes sense.” Orochi replies. I switch back to Japanese. I stare at the Tao trooper.

    “What? Just because I use a little French in my sentences dose not mean I can’t speak it. Why are you down here anyway?” I say.

    “I am supposed to tell you that we’ve picked up where Tomoya is. He is in the windmill I think… well, they said he was somewhere… I can’t remember…” the Tao trooper stammers.

    “Tell moi. I need to know.” I say.

    “They found him in… in…” He starts, and then whispers, “In the wind mill. He is unconcise. He is being guarded by Crimson Helm. No one can rescue him, so we thought maybe since you two are friends then you can save him…” The Tao trooper says. I nod. I get up, somehow, and grab my flute.

    “Crimson Helm messed with the wrong family.” I say, darkly. We, the Tao tribe, consider ourselves a “family” at times. Like, when I have to name any brothers and sisters, I just name the Tao tribe members. I walk outside and then leap into the air. I jump off things, and I sense Amaterasu nearby. I leap down, and find her.

    “Hark, the call of the heavens, the earth, the sea… They summon me forth to defeat evil! Waka, god’s gift to man is here, Bonjour!” I say, leaping from my standing point to a mushroom. Amaterasu barks twice, what I think it means is, “ Your back! Yay!”

    “Aw great, it’s that half beaked prophet again, just ignore it and lets go.” The Poncle says.

    “My, my, what a cheerful mood your in...” I say. I stare off into the distance. I see… a spider. I watch as Amaterasu falls off of the cliff, and misses some of the eyes on the spider. I see. She is too weak. She can’t even focus.

    “Excuse-moi, did you say something little bouncing friend?” I ask.

    “That’s it! You were listening the whole time, you half-beaked prophet!” the Poncle shouts at me.

    “I watched your little battle with the Spider Queen…” I start.

    “Hey, don’t go peeking into our fights like that!” The Poncle shouts.

    “…A clumsy attempt I must say. You are not like how you were 100 years ago, ma chérie.” I say.

    “What was that?!” The Poncle shouts.

    “Oh? You challenge moi? Prove me wrong Amaterasu.” I say, tauntingly. I whip Pillow talk out in the blink of an eye, and say, “Lets rock!”

    The fight begins. I don’t hold back on purpose… my mind is elsewhere. Where is Tamiko? Why is she all the way in the wind mill? I sigh. I am horribly tired, and then land on the mushroom, panting.

    “Not bad, ma chérie. But I-” I start, panting.

    “NOT BAD?! You’re panting!” the Poncle says.

    “I am looking for something. You see, I want to get into Orochi’s lair. But I need to find an item……maybe I should go check that old windmill…*mumble, mumble*”

    “Hmm?” The Poncle asks.

    “Nothing. I will just be on my marry way then, but before I bid you adieu, I have a prophecy; I foresee a dog on hard quest! Au revoir baby!” I say. I leap up. Time to check the place I have yet to go; the wind mill. I jump to it, and sigh. Will I really do this? Will I really go in and try to fight Crimson Helm all alone? Am I going insane? The answer, yes. I am going insane.

    Because I think I fell in love for the fourth time, after maybe 100 years of depression, hidden depression.