• Chapter 1-Dreams Are Always Real
    I awoke myself with a sudden start.Then I remembered without much thought that my mind was doing it again...reminding me of what I use to have and what I could no longer have in my grasps.My former life.....Yes that damned famer whats his name did save the Prince, he left him with a family that took him in and had him convince himself was normal. Now the King of a whole ancient country deosnt know he is actaully a ruler and he thinks his flashbacks of the past are some foolish dreams that he puts off to the side. So now in this new counrty , under new rules, has some very gossip prone villagers who have nothing to do but recount on events that seem intresting and fear the big bad monstrousity that lives in the forest, so I am seen near my Lord Prince, they freak out like I use to. Like a mother hen over her peeps. Then again at the same time I rather not complain. I have a home and an area that no one rarely near the beautiful forest area that I live in. At the very top of my victorian style like house,that was abandon when I claimed it, I have a room where I can just look into the very house my Lord Prince lives in,through a old telescope. I had a total of six rooms in my house with a master bathroom in my room and other bathrooms. I bought this off a starving farmer, who needed a new start, but no one would buy the house, despite it's very cheap price for an old mansion, so Igave him all the money I had, with a promise that I would take care of the house till I died. I have no fear that he will ever find me keeping a steady eye on him. Then again no one really knows where I live.And my Lord has no idea I exist...

    Before I could allow myself to be waffed in sarrow, I sped downstairs. Today was my scheduled hunting day and I had to hunt, even though I had enough can foods to spare, I had no extra pantry to last me another week. So,I had no choice unfortunately. My body needed protien and the canned food did not satisfy my craving for it, the fault of my ancestors. I did not like taking lives from some weaker being, but out here its all about "survival of the fittest" as my mother had once put it. Ah, mother...father...where do your souls lie? With the grand spirits that watch over me,I hope. Ah...yes A mother may show you life,but its always the father that shows you how to live it. The deal is, you mortals who lay eyes upon this story foretold of my life's encounters, my name is Xiona Liona ChiefKnight. I am a halfblood, one fourth feline and two fourths lupine and the rest human. I am indeed not normal to your people's standards, seeing to how my blood is highly unstable due to all it's combos. This can be either a blessing or a curse. I am the only Chiefknight alive as far as I know and the youngest being 16 and what not. I am 5"4, ya I know I'm short, and about 145 pounds on a good day. And for all you brainless dimwits, I am indeed a female. I have never before cut my long brown orange-like sandy hair that goes straight ,at the top and wavy at the bottom, with a darker shade pair of twitchy ears, much like a feline animal, with gold loop earings at the tips and a tail that is the same dak shade except it fades out to blonde at the tip. I have violet eyes. As a result of the injuries that I recieved during my excape with my Lord, I was left with a right shoulder that never healed properly and to this day a scar that ran down my back,that lead from my left shoulder balde down to my midwaist on my right, that has yet to heal. Oh, did I mention my poor ear? I am missing a small chunk from my right one.

    Now that I have that over with, I began to walk to my closet that was located on the only room on the secound floor, my room. I had no money,so all I own is a bed with the mattress and some sheets.I found a small dresser that I use to hold what little clothing attires I had. Next to it on my wall, I had a map of the island that I was once my home. next to it I had hung the simple diamond and chain neckalace that my mother gave to me the moment I became a minor knight at the age of two and a half,on the dressor was a photo album so small it only held A few pictures of my old town, home, family, squad men, my former and present Lord, and that of my mom and dad alone.In the closet, I had my old uniform,new armor,equipment and items I stole from our invaders. It also contained my family's bow, arrows, and my personal sword ,that appeared to me out of a magic spell placed on it, telling me I was the last alive of my family OR the oldest alive. I have yet to discover my magix, the magical mana that gave me a single gift of power. When I reached my closet I felt a pain so heavy in my soul, I almost want to weep at the sight, but I had to face it. I am alone; I have no one to rely on. I pushed open the door and got ready. I got dressed in simple gray and black basketball shorts and regular white muscle undershirt ,over the bandages I put on a brace to support my back. On top, I only put armor on my right shoulder,it looked very Spartan and required straps that went around the bottom of my chest and around my neck. I put a handmade quiver over my shoulder and stocked it with a few arrows. I put my flameberg sword ,that was named "DraScales" in its scabbard then that into my self designed belt and I walked out of my room down the stairs and out into to the cold cruel world.

    Going outside to me is a relief.The air was fresh enough to allow me to think.I felt more at home outside than anywhere else. Immediately my ears began to twitch to every small sound of scurrying animal and my tail wagged slightly flowing with the wind. I was in a place where, if your not careful, emotions can harm you or they float away just as the air does. this was aplace where the evergreens that surround me while making music as the air brushes them like a finger to piano, so slightly yet powerful. In the distance, there is a stream that sings thunderously, without much of a fail it catches my attention with its melody of nature. Birds fly about in myjstic colors of the rainbow, standing out against the green and brown background. Where the boulders,rocks, pebbles and cliff huddle together to make the perfect hunt trail. The cloud above me small enough to allow some sunlight in to cast some color to the already glistering forest. Animals and their prey scurry about like small whirpools with a grand goal, sometimes leaving leaves to be carried into the breeze. I walked aimlessly looking for food, the same breeze kisses my cheek and runs it's hand through my hair.

    Without warning the breeze gave me a gift I would never forget, a scent that took away my whole attention. The scent of a prey that I imagine that I had long awaited. I chased after it with the attention of antcipation; I took out DraScales. The prey was amazing skilled and huge. what was most jaw-dropping was the fact that its reflexes were sharp and defined. Only that it seemed slow and out of shape. It dodged trees while I used them as spring boards. To my luck, the creature dripped over a fallen tree. I finally had an advantage! Pouncing on the poor thing, I landed ontop of it with a hard "thump".

    Get off of me! My prey roared. Don't eat me either! It crawled from under me the moment I became confused. He grabbed the hand that held DraScales. Before scrambling a couple feet or so away, not seeming scared of me but wry of the weapon. My confusion then turned to utter shock. I gasped. I jumped back and fell to my knee, headed bowed, and both hands on the floor, the royal bow. The boy had silver and blue eyes that stood out enough to make me look at them first despite the pale white scar that came down from above his eyebrow to the top of his cheek. He was about three good inches taller than me. His tail, hair, and ears are white as snow with a deep ocean blue on the very tips. His bushy tail between his legs and his eyes on my gleaming blade. His canines seemed too long for his lips to hold in. He wore gangster-like jeans and a shirt that displayed the artwork of the school he attended. Yet, I dare not look in the eye of the Lord even if he looked so normal...

    Forgive me, my Lord Prince. I whispered so that he barely had a chance to hear. How could I have forgotten his scent

    Get up, what are you doing? He demanded

    What the hell are you doing in my territory? I huffed as he raised his eyebrows at me.

    Sorry for following you, I was just...responding to a dare that I agreed. I was to make it to the- your house and back but I didnt know you were here let alone hunting... I should habe waited for you to go to sleep. My Lord Prince stumbled about as I got up and undusted my ugly attire. By the way I have no idea who you are. Mind telling me? Why did you call me Lord watchamaycallit? Prince? Don't you have any parents, Liona? Is that your name? He kept going as I stood silently for him to run out of questions. He kept the same royal tone that his father used. It took alot of energy to not flinch at that last question.

    I am no one of concern...I turned and disappeared letting my words carry with the wind.

    No wait!! Liona! He gasped as I left him alone in the forest that became my prison. I had to ran away from the one chance to gain some part of my former life back, but at what cost? The chance to spare Prince the grief...