• He stared in wonder at the valley he was in. Sunlight was captured in his eyes and danced around in his eyes, lighting them on fire for what he knew was the last time. Orange, sunset-colored tears fell from his eyes and his face glinted golden. His hair captured the sun and dazzled in golden colors.

    He'd miss everything.

    His little siblings birth, prom, graduation, college... Experience feel with the tears, the experience that he'd never have. Now he was sobbing. There was no one to hear him, though. No one ever travelled to the hills after dark. Which was regrettable, unless his family found his letter. Then they would hurry to find him. He'd have to do this fast...

    ...did he? He wasn't sure of what he wanted now. But no one else seemed like they'd care. No one payed him any attention. No one bothered to see him through this. No one bothered to check on him, make sure that he was fine. No one bothered to make sure that he wouldn't get this far. His heart wrenched at that thought and his grip tightened around the gun. His other hand was shaking. Painfully so. He was beyond nervous. He was ready.

    A loud crack filled the silent hills, echoing multiple times across every hill, valley, crook and crevice.

    And that was the last anyone saw of him.


    A mournful funeral syrmon played, a black casket standing in the front of the church. Quiet sobbing could be heard throughout, from the family, from friends. Each were regretting. Regretting not to take notice, regretting that they hadn't noticed, regretting that it had gone that far, regretting that they just hadn't cared enough when they loved him so much.

    "Oh...oh my god..." his mom said suddenly, a hand over her stomach. Her eyes were wide and she was shaking. A grunt of pain later and she shouted, "The baby's coming!"

    A scream rang out through the church, not one from the mother, but from a ghost, floating from the ceiling, down to the casket, lower.

    "How dare you! How dare you, how dare you, HOW DARE YOU!" the ghost screamed, as everyone stared in shock. It was him. But not for long.

    The farther down he sank, the more he changed. Skin turned a smoky black instead of the clear white. His hair turned black and eyes turned red. Black bat wings sprouted from his back and he let out another inhuman scream, sending a volley of red and silver sparks through the hall as he sank into the ground. It settled, glittering over people for a moment before silence fell.

    His mother had suddenly stopped convulsing. Her stomach was flat. She stared down in horror, meeting wide-eyed gazes. "The baby..." she mouthed, rubbing a hand over her dress, which now hung limply on her figure.