• As I walked with the strange boy through my beloved forest on a path i had never been before, my mind was bursting with questions.
    "what is your name?" i asked, finally deciding on one.
    "Jason." he answered.
    I had to speed up to walk with him for he was going very fast. I felt the skirt of my dresss fly from my ankles as i sped up, and i sniffed the aroma from the plant that made my dress. I smiled. The trees were right, as usual, when they said that the smell made you feel like you were in heaven.
    When i reached Jason, i kept running, my long black hair following me in a big curtain.
    My bare feet smiled every time they hit the ground which made me want to go faster. I ran and ran, hearing Jason following me with his panting voice calling me.
    "Girl!!" he squeled as i tripped over a particulaly big root, even for this forest where the roots were at least the size of 2 strong men lying down on top of each other.
    I frowned, sad to have had to have stopped running, and examined myself. No damge.
    Jason climbed over the big root and lay down, exhausted.
    "what is your name?" he asked after awhile.
    I paused. After all the things the t4rees have taught me, they have never named me.
    Puzzled, i turned to the tree we were sitting by and counted in my head what number it was...i soon gave up when i reached tree 50.
    "hello tree, do you happen to know what my name is?" i asked the giant plant.
    Jason looked at me strange.
    I looked back at him.
    "what?" i asked, "is it not normal to not know your own name in this world?"
    The tree chuckled, and i smiled as i heard its voice. Even after walking only a short while, i already missed my trees.
    "we named you a long time ago little heaven." he answered in his deep voice, for that was their nickname for me.
    "It is Alexandria" he said.
    Aleana mewed at the sound of my name and i pet her and smiled.
    I liked it.