• "Well, I guess I shall see you later. Perhaps we shall meet again. Please excuse me." Shadow said, giving a slight bow. He began to vanish into the darkness. "Wait, please!" Zelda said quickly, catching him off guard. Shadow turned to face Zelda. "Yes m'lady?" he asked curiously. "Would you like to stay here for the night sir Shadow?" Zelda asked him. "I would be honored, thank you m'lady." Shadow said in reply. "I'll escort him there, you stay with Mitako." Link offered. Zelda nodded in reply. Shadow Link took the opportunity to leave while the others were busy, vanishing into the shadows and back to Lake Hylia.

    Once they were gone, Zelda turned back to Mitako. "What happened to you Mitako?" Zelda asked gently. Mitako let out a heavy sigh, trying to recall the memories. "I heard someone playing music, so I followed and came to this room. Th-that's when I m-met him..." Mitako began. "Who was he?" Zelda asked. "His n-name is... P-prince Ashala." Mitako replied somewhat shakily. "Can you describe him to me?" Zelda asked, listening closely. Mitako nodded. "H-he's a demon prince with long black hair, blood red eyes and black wings on his back." she said, her voice filled with fear. "What else happened when you met him?" Zelda asked, gently placing her hand on Mitako's, who in return did the same. "W-well, he invited me to join him at the piano, so I did and sang for him. Afterwards, we talked for a while, but what he told me was sort of upsetting." Mitako paused, taking a deep breath in order to calm her nerves. "Please continue." Zelda said encouragingly. "I had fallen asleep by then, a-and when I woke up..." Mitako trailed off, unsure of what to do. "It's ok, just take your time." Zelda said softly. "When I woke up, I found myself i-in th-this bed w-with h-him l-lying on top of m-me!" Mitako finished, tears spilling from her face as she buried her face on Zelda's shoulder and cried.