• Juliet's eyes were wide as she watched the wounded beast in front of her fall to it's knees; blood pouring from it's torso and legs. The monster briefly locked eyes with the poor girl as she stood frozen in fear. It's golden eyes penetrating deeply into her light blue ones. The beast growled in an attempt to scare her off but alas, she couldn't move; frozen solid out of fear and wonder. The eyes of the beast slowly drifted shut as his blood seeped out of the deep gashes and he fell to the ground with a loud 'thud', bringing the girl back to her senses. She watched in amazement as the body slowly began to shrink, sickening cracks of bone sending a shiver up her spine. The jet black hair of the animal started to fall out, leaving snow white skin in its place and a headful of long black hair. The body had become... human.

    "Werewolf..." she whispered to herself.

    She had heard stories of their ferocity from her parents. They had claimed to be hunters of the mythological creatures, but she had no reason to believe them. She'd never witnessed one herself and had merely assumed that her parents had made such a claim to scare her... Apparently not. The (possibly) living, breathing proof was right in front of her. Realizing he might be dead and tossing her fear and all she had been warned about out the window, she approached the now human form. He didn't move. Juliet reached out a quivering hand to touch his seemingly lifeless body. His skin was warm. Warmer than any humans. She gripped his arm and with a heave, flipped him over onto his back. She set her hand on his neck, hoping for a pulse. A faint beating could be felt as his blood gushed through his veins and out his wounds. Without another moment of thought, she had made up her mind to help the dying wolf-man. Using all the strength she could muster, she dragged the monster somewhere she knew he'd be safe...

    Golden eyes slowly cracked open, looking around the tiny room as he layed in a bed bearly big enough to hold him. It seemed to be some sort of mini cabin... a child's play house. Big enough for a bed, a shelf and a small table and chair. Nothing more. The werewolf continued looking around, wondering how he had gotten into such a quaint little house. Or maybe it was a dream? A hallucination? The sound of footsteps nearing the house made him jump and there was a stabbing pain in his chest as he was so violently reminded of the hunters. A woman with locks of golden blonde hair walked in the door, staring intensely at him. His hard golden eyes caught her innocent blue eyes yet again and it clicked in his brain who the girl was. With no words exchanged as of yet, she walked in with a bucket of hot water and a cloth. Cautiously, she brought a dining chair over to the side of his bed and sat down, dampening the cloth in the steamy water and peeling off old bandages she had wrapped his chest in. She started to clean the gashes in his chest that were healing surprisingly well. His golden eyes watched her as she worked. She had gentle hands... like the hands of a lover; soft and kind.

    Finally, she spoke. "What is your name?"

    The man was hesitant to respond but felt it only proper to give her an answer. "Romeo," he murmered.

    She gave him a small smile and intoduced herself. "Im Juliet."

    He nodded and an awkward but somehow calming silence followed. When she had finished cleaning up his wounds, she sighed softly.

    "I... know you're a werewolf," she said.

    "I know you do." Another silence followed.

    "Why is it you didn't leave me to die? Why didn't you run?" he questioned her randomly.

    "I didn't think it was right to just leave you there. You needed help... Would you rather I have left you there?"

    "No..." He looked away momentarily. "Thank you."

    She blushed, feeling no reason for thanks. She did what anyone would (or at least should) do. "Well... I don't mean to keep you hostage, but I wouldn't recommend moving for a few more days."

    "I know. If you don't find me much of a burden, I would appreciate it greatly."

    "Not a burden at all," she gave him a sweet smile that made his cold heart skip a beat.


    Over the next two weeks Romeo and Juliet shared their stories with one another, parting ways only at night for sleep. Romeo told stories of his pack; of his home, how they lived, adventures he and his pack had gone through. Juliet listened intently, giggling at all the small jokes he made, finding humor in even the slightest, corny joke. On occassion, he would exaggerate a story. To make himself seem more brave, more couragous... as most men do, just to impress a lady. And indeed, she was impressed. Hanging on his every word during every little story. Juliet loved Romeo's voice. The depth, the intensity, the slight accent when he spoke. It sent shivers down her spine. She found herself falling for the mysteriously injured wolf-man, not that she'd ever tell HIM that, though.

    Unfortunately for Juliet, he stopped his stories. Tired of telling about himself, he wanted to learn more about Juliet. She took her time telling him of her family and friends. She spoke of her best friend. How she annoyed her day after day, the petty fights they'd get into. But how she loved her none the less. He watched her speak, her soft golden hair moving every time she shook her head. He wanted nothing more than to run his fingers through it and pull her close for a soft kiss... Not that he'd ever tell HER that, though. She also went on to tell Romeo of her parents and how they called themselves "Werewolf Hunters", but she knew they were nothing of the sort. Her parents were too... normal. She told him of how they were in another villiage to market their crops till next month. Juliet's parents were what Romeo was most interested in, asking all sorts of questions about them; what they looked like, how long they had been "hunting", asking if she herself had ever hunted.

    "No, never! I've never even seen a werewolf till I found you. I didn't believe they were real. My parents have been "hunting" since I was a baby. I figured it was just a way for them to get some alone time..."

    Romeo sighed in frustration. "Juliet, your parents are REAL werewolf hunters. They hunt us... my pack... my family. Them "hunting" is no joke. They KILL people like me. Slaughter us. I was attacked by one the day you found me. Our families... have been enemies since we first came to this town generations ago."

    "But... you didn't say anything about being hunted when you spoke about your pack... And you said you had gotten into a fight with another wolf the day I found you..."

    "I got into a fight... but not with a wolf. Hunters were after me. I just... didn't want to bring it up if it wasn't necessary... I'm sorry."

    Despite the feeling of betrayal, she ignored his lie. There were more important things to deal with.


    All was forgotten for a few days. The fued between the families went unattended to as Romeo concentrated on healing and Juliet concentrated of helping. The conversations continued, day after day. And eventually, Romeo gathered his courage to tell Juliet that he felt something for her.

    "You what?" she asked, stunned.

    "I think I love you." Romeo said quite bluntly.

    Without hestitaion, Juliet smiled her dazzling smile at him. "I love you too."

    Romeo's heart skipped as he stood up from the bed he had been laying in for so long and wrapped his muscular arms around her waist, pulling her body to his. He placed his hand on the back of her neck and gently kissed her soft, perfect pink lips.


    What are forbidden lovers to do? Both from families that despise the other, both from families that would never let such a bond continue if they were to know. Neither Romeo nor Juliet knew. There was nothing they COULD do. Both would be killed by the other's family if they were to find out.

    "I can't stay here forever..." Juliet spoke as she cuddled closer to her Romeo on the tiny bed. "My mother and father will be home soon. And my best friend has been worrying..."

    "I know. Neither can I. We'll have to figure something out in the morning. Rest for now, love."

    Juliet nodded and pulled the sheets around them, slowly drifting off into a sea of nightmares.

    Juliet was awakened by a piercing howl near the small cottage. Her eyes shot open and she found herself alone in the bed. Worried, she sat up.

    "Romeo?" she called.

    There was no response. She stayed silent, listening to the wind blow outside the cottage for a few moments before she started to hear a hushed voice outside. Another loud howl filled the night air, causing her skin to crawl like a thousand tiny maggots, eating away at her flesh. She flung the covers off and stepped outside. There was nothing but silhouettes of trees and a small black bird watching Juliet from above. She wandered from the cottage, the only light given off by the bright full moon above her head.

    "Romeo?" Juliet called out again, louder than the first.

    She stumbled on a tree root with a sharp yelp. Juliet landed on her knee, tearing the skin ever so slightly as a trickle of blood escaped. Ignoring it, she lifted herself off the ground and continued on. She could no long see the cottage anymore, calling out for her Romeo once more. A twig snapped behind her and she whirled around, the silhouette of someone could be seen.

    "Romeo?" she said hopefully, taking a step closer.

    The 'person' growled and took a step towards her, close enough to see it wasn't her Romeo. Nor was it even human. It was another werewolf. Instantly, Juliet turned and ran away. She heard a loud howl behind her as the Were's instinct to chase gave in. It lept on all fours and bound after the girl, quickly catching up. The beast took a swipe at Juliet's leg to bring her down. Juliet nearly escaped it. Dodging trees and bushes alike, Juliet felt as if she was being... herded by the huge beast behind her. She attempted to cut left and the monster cut her off, forcing her in the other direction. She was running short of breath and becoming excruciatingly tired as she sprinted through the forest. There was a wall of trees up ahead, bearly big enough to squeeze through. She hoped the bigger werewolf wouldn't be able to fit. She slammed herself through and looked behind her. The gray pelted beast stopped at the tree line, not even attempting to get through them. Instead, it paced. Back and forth, keeping its lime green eyes locked on poor Juliet. Juliet smiled and stuck out her tongue at the animal, victorious.

    Juliet stood up and brushed herself off before taking a look around. Her confident smile disappeared as quickly as it has appeared. Directly behind her stood a huge werewolf, blue eyes; as blue as the night sky and fur as yellow as fire stared at her.

    She was trapped. Led into such a place by skilled hunters. More werewolves appeared out of the dense woods. The one nearest, still bigger than the rest (obviously, the Alpha) growled at her.

    "Youre the hunters daughter. Are you not?" he barked at her.

    "I... I... I am." she studdered in fear. There was no getting out of the situation she was in.

    The wolf laughed a condesending laugh, his fangs gleaming in the moonlight.

    "Well that's great! Thank you for coming to us, by the way. You know, your parents have been quite bothersome lately. They've killed quite a few of our pack members." He played with his claws. "I think it'd only be fair to kill you, don't you? The whole eye for an eye bit, hmm?" He laughed again at a joke only he seemed to understand. Juliet was quiet. Scared solid. "Well, no need for an answer. You're going to die whether you agree or not." He smiled and prepared to attack. "Goodbye, daughter of the Hunters."

    Just as he was about to jump on her, his ears perked to his left and he was attacked by a black shadow. The other wolves were just as suprised, but stayed back. A challenge to the Alpha was NOT to be interferred with. The two were wolves wrestled for dominance, a whirlwind of black and sun-kissed yellow. The wolves parted and Juliet saw as clear as day the werewolf that attacked the Alpha was Romeo. Juliet smiled at her savior, still petrified from the waist down. The wolves encircled each other. Romeo lundged first, snapping his massive jowls at the Alpha's paws. The Alpha took the opportunity to swipe his claws over Romeo's back unforgivingly, droplets of blood glistening in the green grass. Unphased, Romeo jumped on top of the yellow wolf, raking his nails over his soft underbelly and sinking his deadly fangs into the Alpha's muscular shoulder. A sickening crunch was heard as the Alpha howled in agony, kicking Romeo off him. Stunned, the jet black beast took a moment to get up but was knocked back down just as quickly. The Alpha sunk his acute, razor sharp fangs into Romeo's left leg. Romeo bit his tongue to keep from showing the amount of pain he was truly in. The Alpha dragged Romeo back, tearing his leg up farther. Even with a useless arm, he was still a vicious fighter.

    Romeo wasn't moving as Juliet watched in fear. The gold wolf turned its sapphire eyes onto her. A cinical smile on his face as he prepared his final attack. Suddenly a blood curdling crunch was heard as Romeo attacked the Alpha from behind, attacking the back of his neck and shattering the Alpha's neck, severing the spinal cord. It's eyes dulling as the life drained from his body. The yellow beast fell limp in Romeos jaw's. Dropping the lifeless body, the victor limped over to his lover. She wrapped her arms around him, tears welling and burying her face into his fur covered chest.

    "Juliet..." he said softly, still in wolf form.

    She looked at him, their eyes meeting once more. She wasn't expecting him to have tears in his eyes.

    "What's wrong...? You won." she asked concerned.

    "I know I did. But I'm the Alpha now. And I'm going to move the pack." he said coldly, looking away.

    "What? But..."

    "Dont," he wipes the tears away."I'm sorry. I can't stay."

    "But why?" Tears were flowing freely down her pale cheeks.

    "You'll be safe. That's why. I have to go now..." He started to turn and glanced at her once more. "I love you."

    "I love you too." Her nose was running and the tears continued to flow as she watched him gather the rest of the pack members and leave her sight.

    Juliet fell to her knees. Her Romeo was gone. He wouldn't be back. Because of her. Because of her safety. The love she had for him would never be matched. Nor would it even have the chance to be. She never forgot about her Romeo. Years passed, and the pain never left. 10 years to the day after he left, Juliet finally died of a broken heart.