• TJ ran to Tiffany’s house (one of the popular people) since it was the closest and banged on the fancy door.” Hello who are you, “Tiffany’s mother asked searching his face for something familiar.” I’m one of Tiffany’s friends and I need to tell her something important. “By the look on his face-scared, confused, and worried-you would automatically know that he was telling the truth or at least half of it.” Please come in “TJ knocked on Tiffany’s bedroom door and she yelled” Come in “.”Tiffany, some-“”Get out of here loser and get some nerd friends! “She had guests and they were cracking up about what Tiffany just said.” This is important Tiff! “” I said get out so get out! “”Tiffany he said it was important, “Razzal helped TJ.” Okay what’s so important “Tiffany asked.” It’s about Char “
    Tiffany didn’t look concerned at all.” Why would I care about your loser, loser. “”Tiffany he said that it was important! “”So Razzal go check it out so you can become a loser too. “” I will but you’re the loser Tiff. “” I thought we were best friends Razz. “”That was before I saw this side of you, “Razzal got her stuff and slammed the door on the way out. “This better be important TJ “”You know my name… “”Of course I do, now what happened to Charijel? “”Follow me. “They ran to the haunted house and then a thought occurred in TJ’s head,” What if Char never comes back?” He tried to avoid that thought but it kept coming back.