• Laughter drifted up to Christy’s bedroom from the lounge. Christy’s mum had some friends over and they’d managed to keep Christy awake all night. Sighing, Christy rolled over, pushing her pillow down on her ears. Somehow, the sound of glasses clinking and someone making a speech still managed to reach Christy and she moaned, exhaustion beginning to get to her.

    Giving up on the hope of being able to sleep, Christy slipped out from under her duvet, pushing her toes into the corners of her to small whine the pooh slippers. Flicking on her lamp, Christy went and sat at her desk, starting on her maths homework which was due in a week later. High pitched giggles erupted downstairs and Christy groaned, putting her pen down, giving up on her homework as well.

    Folding her arms on the desk, Christy lay down her head and thought about her ‘happy place’ where the sky was completely clear and she could only smell the sweet scents of flowers in bloom. The wind tickled her face and she drifted into the land, the sound of laughter ebbing away.

    Startled, Christy woke up with a jolt, her chair wobbling underneath her. Looking down groggily, she saw Jacky, her pet spaniel attacking her chair. Annoyed, Christy dumped the dog outside and slammed the door. Back at her desk, Christy randomly opened the draws, attempting to calm her mind to let herself go back to sleep.

    Abruptly, Christy stopped. There, nestled right in the back of one of the desk’s many draws, was a golden chain. Curious, Christy pulled out the golden chain and revealed a large, crystal clear stone framed by golden lacing. Sparkling in the light, it looked just like a diamond, except the edges were tinted red. Fascinated, Christy held it up to her face to examine. She stopped and stared at the crystal. It had begun to glow.

    end of part 1.1