• "Caramia....Caramia...."
    I slowly opened my eyes as the gentle, familiar voice reached my ears.
    "Adrien? Adrien, my love?" I called out softly, "Is that you?"
    I waited a few moments. Then, from the shadow of my jail cell, a figure emerged. I felt myself smile. He was handsome beyond compare. A face like no other man on Earth, pale skin that was cool to the touch, silky smooth brown hair, and strong arms that have held me so many times this past few months....
    "Adrien, my darling....You came back for me....You came for me...." I whispered, looking into his golden eyes. He walked towards me and got down on one knee.
    "Yes, my dear Diana, Caramia. I came for you." he said, his gentle french accent soothing me, even in these cold, strong chains.
    "They arrested me, Adrien...." I whispered, "After you left, they accused me of being a vampire....Ludicrous, isn't it, my love? They said I was the one who have been killing all the townsfolk lately....I was arrested....Adrien, they are going to kill me tomorrow....But I knew you would come! I knew you would come rescue your Caramia!"
    I looked into his eyes, waiting for him to tell me that he was going to rescue me....That he was going to whisk me away to to France, and we were going to get married....Like he had said so many times before.
    He had looked away from me, staring down at the stone floor. I yearned to touch him, to put my hands onto his porcelain face and tell him everything was going to be okay, now that he came back.
    "Caramia....Diana....I came back for you, but not to free you."
    I stared at him in disbelief
    "W-What do you mean?" I managed to stutter. It seemed like the whole world held it's breath as Adrien's words rolled off his tongue.
    "Cameria....I have to kill you."
    I gasped softly.
    "Adrien...My love, why-"
    Then it clicked.
    "You....You're a vampire....You're the vampire that has been killing everyone!"
    Adrien looked into my eyes and nodded slowly.
    "Diana, I needed somewhere to feed....Somewhere I could regain my strength....You remember that I was on the verge of death, or at least, as close as a vampire could come to dying. You took care of me, and you helped me gain the trust of the other towns people as slowly I fed, getting stronger with each passing night, with each person I fed off of...."
    I couldn't believe it. I trusted him...I told everyone else that they could trust him too....It was my partly my fault that Adrien was able to kill all those innocent people....
    "How could you?! Adrien, I trusted you, and you killed all those people....Everyone is going through enough, with witches running around...."
    Adrien said nothing, he just stared at me.
    "Adrien, I need to know....You....you never loved me, did you?"
    Adrien shook his head slowly.
    "Though I never loved you, I do regret what this has come down to." he said softly. I sighed softly and hung my head. I felt a cold hand touch my neck and slowly made it's way up my neck and grab my hair.
    "I will try to make this as painless as possible." I head a voice whisper in my ear. I closed my eyes as inhuman strength forced my head to it's side.