• I gazed up into his emerald eyes. They never ceased to take my breath away. Being lost in his smoldering embrace had a way of making the days worries disappear. The way Samantha had accused me of lying about my boyfriend, being late for class, none of that mattered when I was here with him. I knew the truth. I knew I had him, and I knew that he cared for me.
    “What are you thinking about?” His arms tightened around me.
    “How much I love you.”
    “You love me?” He sounded genuinely surprised which confused me. Hadn’t I been perfectly clear on how I felt about him? He noticed the look on my face, and raised his eyebrows. “You love me?” He repeated his question.
    “I’ve always loved you,” I replied, “ever since that moment when I found you in that alley. The moment you looked up at me with those puppy eyes, I knew I loved you.” I reached up to touch his angelic face. “Do you feel the same?” I stumbled over the words, nervous for his answer.