• Howard High school May 14,2000

    Jeane was a girl,but not just any ordinary girl. She had no wings aside from all the spirts in the school.She had this thing that made her different.High school had 2 sides there were Demons and Angels.The demons had accepted her but the angels anted her. She was rejected by both sides because they both wanted her. She had cried and cried until a light shone on her. The voice said Jeane dont be scared no need to fear i am your protector.That was when it happend....Her body had changed. Her destiny had changed she was meant to go to both sides. Her wings were Black and White.

    Howard High School May 15,2000

    She walked the halls of the school as a ghost. Many people were scared of her but many were delighted to see a remarkable person as her. It was Magic class a Angel had said Come with us Jeane.She said i cant i am of both worlds.I feel as if my soul does not belong here i feel as i am someone that is lost shall you help me?...Yes i shall dont worry im here then her wings had turned pearly white she had found her place.....