• Meanwhile, in the mortal world, the young woman named Persephone was weaving flowers into crowns and necklaces for her mother Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest.

    "What is the worst person, no, god you could possibly end up with?" A nymph named Callinthe asked. "I dunno, Cal. I guess it would be....ummm....Zeus." Another nymph named Menthe replied. "Definitely! I'm tellin' ya, Zeus is like Midas and gold." Most of the nymphs agreed. However, up on a certain mountain..... "ZEUS!!!!!!!" A certain Queen of the Gods bellowed.
    Back in the fields, Persephone just finished making a crown of pink, white, and yellow roses for her mother, Demeter. Speaking of whom....

    A radiant woman that stood a mindblowing 6'10, flaming auburn hair that flowed to her sun-tanned knees, stunning emerald orbs that absolutely shone when Helios's rays hit it, and wore a white sundress with bare and slender feet. "Ah, Triptolemus. Isn't my Persephone beautiful? Trptolemus...? Triptolemus, wake up, you lazy priest!" She demanded as she whacked said priest with a nearby stick. "Ow! F-Forgive me, Lady Demeter. You're right, Miss Demeter; every human--mortal and god alike--adores Persephone." Triptolemus stated.

    Meanwhile, in the underworld.....Hades finally decides that he's gonna take a little "field trip". So, he called his two loyal servants: Pain and Panic (not from Hercules, thank you). "PAIN!!! PANIC!!!!" Hades screeched. A pale, lanky young man of no more than 17 stood at the top of the immense winding staircase. He had a head of massive black curls that reached his jawline, stood a mere 5'8, a bit of muscle, a white cotton shirt that hung around his frame, gray pants that reached his scarred knees, and dark onyx eyes. Despite his appearance, he's a rather cheerful young man; his name is Pain. "Coming, Master Hades!" Stumbling behind Pain was a young woman of 16, standing at 5'5, a slightly curvly figure, almost gray skin, silver silken hair that fell to the middle of her back that was more than a bit wild, rather long legs, tiny feet, and golden yellow orbs(which were half-closed, by the way) that seemed to almost hypnotize. "You called, Master Hades?" The girl named Panic said sleepily. "Guys, we're going on a field trip, so hurry up, eat, and get dressed. We're headed to....the mortal world!" Hades annonced.