• "Boy, it's really not that difficult." The snide voice of the immortal witch C.C. says with her usual hint of annoyance as she yanks the pistol out of Lelouch's hand. "Watch." C.C. takes a deep breath as she doesn't skip a beat, taking three shots. She was trying to teach him how to shoot, but Lelouch just wasn't listening to anything she had to say. The taunting clink of a bullet hitting aluminum sounds off one after the other, three cans falling off of the fence.

    Holding the gun back out towards him, her chin turned up high in the air, her lips curl up in a smirk. "Surely you're capable of hitting something, boy."

    Taking the pistol back from her, she hears the familiar click of the gun in his hand. She waits for him to curse out in anger at another miss with her familiar smirk. In the blink of an eye, the smirk fades though, her nostrils inhaling the smoke. "Boy..." C.C. narrows her brows at him, lifting her own hand now covered in blood. "I'm not to be used for target practice."