Have you ever wonderd why this world is so terrible if you do know you have no reason to be reading this story but if you dont know well then lets get started shall we.

    Today we are going to talk to you about life and how the world works ok class?

    I could hardly wait till school was over because my head was hurting so bad I felt like I couldn't focus on my paper or even listen to what Mrs.Gammble was saying all I could do to get out of this place was to go to the nurses office but to late the nurses office was full.After of waiting 2 hours of hell I took the bus home and when I got home my house was full of cops and I got wurried and ran into the house as fast as I could.My parents were on the floor dead I got so sad I felt like I had no purpose in life any more I asked the police officer Dan what happend and he said someone shot my parents after he told me that I had built anger and strength in me I never had before.The cops told me who did it,it was my old sience teacher Mr.Reece he killed my parents I told the police to go kill him but they said we can't do that Darren I replied saying fine you low life peace of @#$%.The police officer got mad at me and told me to get out I got kicked out of my own home I took the gun that was used to shoot my parents and shot the police officer.After I shot him this group of cops ran after me but I shot them too the gun was empty i got scarred I had no weapon to defend my self with I ran out side and got on my bike and rode to a gas station and hid in the store.On the television the news was on I was on the reporter said I'm wanted for shooting cops after that bad news I said to my self Darren you chose this life now you live it so I robbed the gas station with the empty gun and took a lot of money to keep me alive for a little while.I went to this one guy named Pablo he always tried to get me to buy me a gun so i thought this is the guy who will help me.When I arrived Pablo doing the same thing every day watching Black Hawk Down said hi to this one girl and she bought a shotgun I thought is was a gift for her boy friend or something but she was to young to have one.I walked up to Pablo he was surprised that I came to him because I told him to go get a life one day.Pablo asked me why I was here I said im wanted. I could see the expression on his face he was said how can I help you Darren I asked him for a hand gun Pablo asked me if he could join me I thought he was joking but he looked seriouse so I thought it would be a good idea to have a partner for my quest to kill Mr.Reece I rememberd he gave up teaching because he became rich I told Pablo he could join then the cops came.

    Chapter 2 coming soon