• Chapter 10 part 5: The return of a lost friend and a long awaited reunion!

    Some time had passed and kin was still lying on his back looking at the ceiling, no matter what he tried to do his body would not listen. He tried to sit himself up but his arms only gave way and he ended up on his back again this time with a hard thump! “If I can get up” he thought “how will I be able to show kyo and akako that I am ok?” just then he felt a hand grip his arm “need help?” asked a familiar voice “T-Travis?” kin stammered “it can’t be!, your dead!” kin’s eyes were wide as he struggled to get to his feet, “it seems” Travis began “that not only can the serene universe purify darkness but it can also bring back the dead.” He told kin, but kin could barley believe his eyes “I can’t believe your back!” said kin still astonished by what he saw “but” said Travis “only those pure of heart can be brought back using the serene universe” he said “I see” said kin “thanks for helping me up.” “Now let’s go!” he said “the girls are waiting for us!” They made their way out of radions palace and up the wooded path toward the hill which a very worried kyo and a heart broken akako sat waiting. The sun was just beginning to set beyond mountain tops as kin and Travis made their way up the hill, kyo was watching the distant sun set when she noticed two figures approaching her and akako! “Can it be?” she thought to her self “is it kin? But who’s that next to him?” she then looked closer “akako it’s Travis!” she said excitedly “but it can’t be” akako said “it just can’t be” that’s when kyo began to think to her self “did kin use his powers to bring him back?” in any case she jumped from her seat at the top of the hill and ran toward kin with akako following close behind. “Kin you did it!” she shouted embracing him tightly. Kin let out a slight chuckle “I couldn’t have done it with out my friends” he said “but mostly you” he told kyo and he too embraced her as well. “Hey kin!” said kyo “I have some thing to give you” kin looked down at kyo who was staring back at him “what do you have to give me?” he asked her, just then she jumped up and kissed him “that!” she said, kin felt his face blush but he kissed her back and he liked it to. Akako ran to Travis and embraced him tightly as well “I never thought I’d see you again” she said through tears “its ok now” said Travis “I’m here now” he too was embracing her and he kissed the top of her head. “Hey Travis” akako said “now that the darkness is gone my parents might be ok now, do you want to go with me to check on them?” she asked “of course” said Travis. Now kyo and kin went back to the city of usagi and will stay there to await the return of Travis and akako. And that is the story of the day the city fell!