• Verté stood in the open plains, the warm air blowing gently against her long strands of black hair. She closed her eyes as she took a deep breath and smiled. Her smile was weak, like a sign of "giving in" to something she had been fighting for. Her white cheeks blushed as she felt a leaf land on her outstretched palm. She had always loved the nature, the beautiful sound of rustling leaves, and the warm air that filled the atmosphere.

    As she closed her fingers onto the leaf, she opened her eyes, her brown eyes glinting in the perfect sunlight. There was something sad in the look of her eyes, nearly melancholic. But she couldn't help it. Normally, she would be grinning at the nature surrounding her, humming a tune or two. But today, she had no energy to do so. Her slender frame bowed a little, her long legs bending, she picked up another leaf off the green grass and stared deeply into it. Her stare was long lasting and wouldn't have dropped, until she heard an unfamiliar voice calling her name from a distance.

    She dropped both leaves and jerked her head upwards, wondering who it was. As the two leaves floated in the air like two brown feathers, she stood erect and waited for the voice to repeat its occurrence.

    [That's it for now, hope you like it. I know its not very descriptive, but I'll work on that]