• tab Ugh. Today was the day. Today was the day Michaela had set me up. Right now she was leading me somewhere with a blindfold on. She wouldn't tell me who my date was or where we were going.
    tab I heard a small bell like the sound the door makes when you enter somewhere, and felt a change in temperature. It was suddenly comfortable and warm instead of freezing cold. I guessed we must have stepped into the place where my date would be.
    tab Michaela sat me down on a small chair then let go of my shoulders.
    tab "Okay, you can remove your blindfolds now," she said. I reached behind my head and pulled on the loose knot. Finally I could see. Whoa. All around me there were small tables and fancy table cloths on them. There were beautiful fountains all over, creating a nice peaceful sound of trickling water that flowed through the room. On the far side of the room was a stage that had a few chairs and music stands on it but no people. There was probably going to be a show later.
    tab But I barely glanced at any of these things. My attention was locked on the man sitting across from me. He was tall and had wavy brown hair. It wasn't long but it wasn't short. It was that cute style that a lot of guys had nowadays. His eyes were a warm chocolate brown and his smile was...amazing.
    tab "Kay, meet Alex. Alex, meet Kay. Alright you two have fun," Michaela said before turning around and walking out the door. We both watched as she and who I guessed was probably her connection to Alex walked away. Then we looked at each other. Wow. He wasn't hot, but pretty darn close.
    tab "So, your name's Kay?" he said. He had a nice voice. It flowed smoothly but I could still hear the nervousness in it.
    tab "Um well actually my name's Kaylee but I go by Kay yes. And your Alex?" I said. My voice sounded way more calm than I felt.
    tab "Yep, that's me," he said. "So...uhh...I'm sorry I'm really nervous and I can't think of anything to say." he said. I let out a small giggle.
    tab "It's okay. I'm pretty nervous too." I said. "Um...What kind of music do you like?" I asked.
    tab He shrugged. "I like lots of kinds. What about you?" he said. I could hear the nervousness leaving his voice.
    tab "I mostly like rock and pop, but I also like some country and soft rock too. I'm a girl with all sorts of tastes." I said. "What's your favorite band?"
    tab He thought for a moment then said," I'm not sure. There's just so many great ones. What about you?"
    tab "Same," I said. We began discussing different artists and found out that we actually had a lot in common. We had the same opinion on lots of things, not just music. I didn't think it was possible, but Michaela was right. I actually liked him. He was nice, funny, smart. Like she said; everything you could want in a guy. And for an entire night, I actually forgot about Lucas.