• Chapter one : Capture and rescue

    There i, Everlynn, was with Harry Sullivan (i know not a very evil name but still....) a very great enemy of ours. With Shaka by my side i new i could defeat him. We were in his secret cave just a mile into the Sahan Fire Forest. He laughed a sinister laugh that would of scared the crap out of any old sixteen year old but not me never would i be afraid of a laugh. Especially his. i would never ever cringe under his breath, at least that was what i thought at the time until his guards grabbed Shaka and i and we were dragged away to a dungeon that was obviously built by him.

    'the tiny sell emitted enough of a silver sliver of moon light so I Shaka, could take a deep breath and meditate. The same thing happened to us every other week with different villains, none comparing close to him. As i sat there i thought of the first day on campus. I Abilitied with the art of pressure points and wind walked through the forest like a snake stalking it’s pray. Suddenly I heard a whisper, carried through the wind like leaves during autumn….. Thieves. I could smell the blood but I was no match because I was only eleven then. Crap, I thought they have killed again. All I remember was being trampled by the leaders horse. His laugh, he enjoyed my pain very much…….. and then it hit me his laugh was the same as this freaks laugh! he's The king of thieves!!!!!

    Shaka had suddenly gone tense..... I could feel it in her muscles for i Everlynn am abilitied w/ the grace of fire and highly sensitive senses."Everlynn?" Shaka asked. "hmmm" i replied as i sat in the corner of the small rock solid room with my legs pulled up to my chest. "uh i think i recognise this guy from somewhere" she said. "of course you do we locked him up last summer". i told her for we did until he was busted out....... "no from some where else like before u and i met "she said very nervously. "oh really?" i said "wen?" " my first day on campus wen i was eleven" she said. "wow...." i couldn't say much because i was shocked. Very very shocked. How could she have. "But i thought that was the king of thieves that u in countered wen they were trying to steal Mahune's samurai" i said. "yes that's just it ..." she took a great pause then "i think hes the king of thieves."

    Before i could get my next word out his icy laugh echoed through the extremely hot corridor. "dinner!" that one word chilled my bones to the core... i wasn't hot any more. before we knew it we were being dragged away to the dinner hall by two guards that acted and looked like gorillas."No girls you cant were those clothes. go pick a dress from the closet". "Eww" Everlynn whispered into my ear. "i don't where dresses!".We walked down a dusty old corridor and came to two grand doors. When we went inside there was one large wardrobe just sitting there. We opened it up and inside were many dresses. While we were changing i thought here we are at a MANS house and that man has a closet full of women's close. Freaky. later that night..... Vampire i could smell it. No one can out smarts me. i ran back to my clothes for i was still wearing my dress because the guards refused to leave while we changed and grabbed my knife and off i went.

    After dinner i, Everlynn and Shaka got put back in the dungeon. i obviously fell asleep because wen i woke up then sun was shinning through a small crack in he rock. the weird part though was that Shaka was no where in sight. "Shaka" i whispered. "Shaka are u there". I got no answer. So i got up and walked over to the place Shaka was sitting. There was nothing. And then i saw a flash of light and turned toward it. Sitting on the ground was Shaka's Silver Element Bracelet with the little white gem for air. I walked over and picked it up. Did he take her ? i thought as i held the bracelet. I slipped it in my pocket for i had changed back into my black clothes. If he did i thought i must save her. So i hooked on my belt and slid my sword into my harness. I then took a leather lace out of my pocket and tied my auborn hair into a pony tail. And as i did that i heard footsteps.

    "PUT ME DOWN" i screeched "Shut up I'm rescuing you" the strange man said "me need a rescue?" a exploded with laughter "i think you need to rescue you're brain because I'm a ninja". "oh really show me" ."OK" i said eagerly before he could say another word a struck him in the temple. He then dropped to the floor of the forest as i landed on my feet. 3 hrs. later: The man or should i say boy because he looked about seventeen grunted so i looked down at him. He slowly lifted his hand to his head and rubbed his temple. "Hi sleepy head" I said "Banana?" I held a banana out to him as he sat up. "Huh" he asked then his eyes grew wide and he shook his head "No I'm allergic" he said. "OK all to my self then " i said as i pealed it. "So believe me now" i asked. "Yup" he said as he stood up and wiped his pants . "Do you have an Ability?" he asked. "Uh yeah , i have wind and pressure points" i told him. "Well that explains the temple punching" He said. "So whats your name boy" i asked. "Thatcher" he replied "Thatcher Moore". and suddenly i knew who he was. i recognized his sandy blond hair ,blue green eyes , and long strong limbs. He is Harry's nephew i thought. I remember him from last summer. "but most people call me silver" he said. I gulped "Why" i already knew but i couldn't say it. He chuckled and leaned into my ear like what he was saying was a secret. "I'm the silver scorpion."

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